One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Translations (Battle System and New World Mode)

In 3DS

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  • Goku


  • Dmankey

    This better be on E-shop

  • Ryūjin

    I came here to ease the boredom only to find this place deserted.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s not deserted. A lot of people who view the website just don’t comment.

      • Ryūjin

        Hmmmm, that’s pretty much the equivalent of being deserted.

        • TheGameTagerZ


      • Ikki Minami

        i look at the website i just dont comment otherwise it would be like another certain website whos conversations go like this “Thats cool” “no thats stupid” “im bored” “are you still up” and so on which have pointless comments that dont even need to be read just like this one that I myself am creating

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Right which I get. People coming from S.I or whatever they’re coming from expect a party every article.

          • Ryūjin

            Wow. Really dude? I was just trying to spark up a conversation or something. And I am not from SI, I promise you that.

      • rax

        S.I gives me headaches. It kind if turned into a an RP site. Plus they clearly favor Naruto over everything there.

        • alex smith

          Ikr which is kinda weird considerin that the site is called saiyanisland

  • Loving the One Piece stuff

  • alex smith

    Pretty cool but the pirate warrior series is cooler 🙂 😛