V-Jump Exclusive Dragon Ball: Xenoverse and Naruto Revolution Themes


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  • alex smith

    is there a way for other people to get these themes

    • Just download the image at the top of the post, and set it as your background. Its basically the same thing, and its a gift from us to you!

      • micheal johnson


      • alex smith

        oh ok thanks

      • DeathPointZ

        Sweet! Thanks.

      • Xicor

        Thank you so much

  • Kaneki Ken 金木 研

    What about the Naruto Revolution theme? Where is the image for that?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It’s like the same image as when the game was first teased. It wasn’t really new so that’s why I didn’t take the time to get the image.

      • Kaneki Ken 金木 研

        I’d rather have the Naruto Revolution one than the Xenoverse. Could you possibly post it as well?

        • rax

          Google or look for when it was first teased…….

      • Kaneki Ken 金木 研

        If not a link to the image would be nice.

  • delow9000 .

    How to get the theme

    • Kevin Sanchez

      Buy V-Jump or just simply save the image we gave you and use it as a ps3 background.

      • delow9000 .

        Ok thanks