Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Gets New Screenshots & HQ Images For Special Edition DLC


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  • I really wish Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta wasn’t DLC, I feel kinda betrayed by it, now I have to pre-order it and it’s likely to be expensive for me.

    • micheal johnson

      Usually preorder bonuses stay in stores a good month or two after release (depending how popular the game is). I don’t mind it as a bonus as long as it’s the bonus for all regions, and as long as there isn’t initiall dlc for this game because anything else is a cash grab.

  • alex smith

    Ssj4 goku look clean af

    • King Ezek

      his hair this detailed is fire tbh

      • alex smith

        ikr 😀

  • Flavio Sirasa

    I will preorder if they put it on the PS Store.

  • Marshall D. Teach

    Do you guys think that PC might be getting a PS3 port?