Throwback Thursday: Jump Super Stars Interview With Ganbarion and Iwata


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  • Man… This is making me want another WSJ Crossover GAME AS SOON AS possible!!!!!!!!!!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I hope after One Piece Grand Battle they try out this project again.

  • I hope we get another J-Stars title soon, the sequels to the other versions of the Weekly Jump games usually came out a year or a few after the other. So I’m still hoping for a Sequel to J-Stars rather early. That’s just me being optimistic though.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You really want another J-Stars….that game wasn’t that great…and didn’t have as much reply value as the DS games. Especially since Nintendo worked on them in the past so that’s why it felt more like Smash Bros.

      • Well yeah, I admit it wasn’t really great and all, but I play it with friends and it’s really fun in that way. It’s really just the Jump fan within me wanting another game for Home-based Consoles as I’d definitely buy it as a fan of Jump. I’ve seen the DS games too and honestly don’t mind if they release another one on those either. I’d just like another Jump game in general but would prefer it more on consoles since I don’t own a DS yet, well I’m gonna try and obtain a 3DS soon. Though I wouldn’t mind seeing another Jump game on the DS, a 3DS nowadays is region locked so that’s why I’d like it more on console than the handheld, but hey, that’s just my preference.

    • Ghosty

      IF a J-Stars equal could improve on what the first one was, and fix some of the glaring issues… then that would be tight!

    • Mangetsu Yagami

      Yeah, I totally agree with you.
      I loved j-stars, but I think a lot of characters are missing as playable and I would’ve liked to see some supports as playable (like kumagawa or hisoka).
      I think they can add them if there’s a sequel 😀