Super Saiyan 4 Goku

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Scheduled To Release on February 17th in North America & South America


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  • Skorm94

    Hhm still not really sure about this game

    • Bdock3601

      Me either, if I buy at release it’ll be spur of the moment based on what they start showing

    • King Ezek

      y not

      • Skorm94

        heard a lot of bad things after the beta and I’m not really sure about the combat

        • micheal johnson

          Really, because it was really fun. The only ones I know of who have it a bad review are shikaclouds and zobe70 and neither of them gave valid reasons. The dash needs to be more controlled, the regular flight is slow, and there are bad camera angles in corners but otherwise it was a great experience, best db game I’ve played (combat wise) since bt

        • King Ezek

          from my experience it was the most balanced dbz game ive ever played. and the combo creation really caught my attention.

  • P*$$4 $UcK3r

    Im not used to ssj 4 goku’s blue kamehameha

    • Xicor

      i am since he didn’t use the red that much maybe like 4 or 5 was it red

  • micheal johnson

    glad the dlc is for all regions, and hopefully there will be no paid dlc on release. I think I will get this for ps3. I don’t want to pay for online, am in college, don’t have a ps4, and the only other game i want for the system is arkham knight.

    • Eternity

      Hey Micheal.
      i was wondering where u where. its dead silent on sayians island DB xenoverse forums:)
      Soo shonengamez huh? preatty cool site:)
      Btw Guys any news about Xeno?

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    I shall wait for you my beloved!

  • DeathPointZ

    I’m going to enjoy this. There’s gonna be a lot of amazing fighters to fight, oh I’m so excited!

  • micheal johnson
  • Juan Hernandes

    Im so pre-ordering this on amazon once its available 126 charaters and gt included hell yea