The Last: Naruto the Movie Full Trailer (English Subbed)

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  • alex smith

    awesome thanks

  • shaddrag

    I may be a NaruSaku fan, and while I am not totally close-minded to NaruHina, the feels are just way too strong in this trailer. I hope the movie will not be as the trailers lead it on to be, otherwise I will be cringing for its entirety and I honestly won’t enjoy it as much.

    Naruto is not about romance, Naruto has never showing anything towards Hinata, now why suddenly? And they show flashbacks to a time where Naruto had something to say to Hinata? It’s so forced, so much, so quickly, it’s just too much, I’m sorry.

  • Skorm94

    This actually looks way better than I imagined (fingers crossed for the final product)

    • mario hoxha

      you have right

  • where can i watch the Movie ?!

    • mario hoxha

      i cant wait to watch the Movie1!!!!!!!