New The Last: Naruto the Movie Full Character Designs Revealed

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  • funnymitchell

    nice ^_^

  • King Ezek

    obviously ino came out to be a baddie

  • King Ezek

    i wanna see kakashi fight rikimaru since theyre basically the same person lol

  • naruto 1

    everyone looks different apart form shikamaru he looks the same only his clothes have changed

    • TheMarshy2

      his hair’s more spiky!

  • TheMarshy2

    what happened to awesome looking emo haired Gaara!

  • Yugiboy85

    Dat Ino though, dang she changed 😀

  • Guardian Byakko

    I like the new looks, especially tenten’s:)

  • micheal johnson

    Been waiting forever, thanks 🙂

  • Demetrius Harris

    oh shyt this movie gonna be good the guy is a sage

  • nit

    kakashi and shikamaru didnt change
    hinata changed a bit
    choji looks lke mega-man
    arra looks like a plae punk with sake they made him look worse
    also sakura got ugly
    and naruto look stupid
    ino got hot!!!
    and sasuke looks to cool
    all in all most of the new looks suck!
    except ino
    whose hot

    • j_majikk

      Kakashi ans shikamru did change slightly… kakashi isnt covering his eye anymore and his hair is slightly longer… shikamaru has a more stern look tp his eyes and longer hair. .. shika doesnt have the lines under his eyes in the anime.. only shikaku

    • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

      Why does everyone hate short hair?

  • alex smith

    sasukes looks cool 🙂 i wanna see kiba and shinos designs too 😀

  • Albel Nox

    If sasuke has the power of rinengan and the sharingan, naruto still got his powers that he got from the six path old man?

    • tylerc23


  • MrZe1598

    are you guys going to upload the translated version? i’m curious about toneri’s description and sasuke

  • j_majikk

    Only one i kinda like is saskue… im not familiar with toreni or w/e tf his

  • Akirascreaming

    choji looks gay

    • bearmon2010

      Not nice. Obviously, you are obsession with gay.

  • Trim Dose

    Whats wrong with their feet ? lol

    why Sasuke has the rinnegan ? sorry not following the manga, please don’t kill me!!!

    Also after seeing the trailer I would really want a new arc story using this characters all grown up!!

  • Jordan Maurice

    So sasuke looks retarded in this movie