Weekly Shonen Jump Authors Comment on The End of Naruto

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  • Aurizen

    damn no Kubo

    • There’s more (Including Kubo) but since their parts are a little more unclear (translation wise) we left them out. Hopefully if we can get better translations, we can post all of them!

      • Aurizen

        Oh good! I was curious to see what he would say about Naruto ending.

        • Pheonixking3000

          Me too

        • dariel

          i like to see his reaction when people ask him back ‘when’s your’s ending?’

        • Hideaki-sensei’s words…
          Good Job…

      • RedDragon10

        Toriyama didn’t happen to comment did he? Might be difficult with his schedule

  • micheal johnson

    glad they are giving the manga a proper sendoff, now i wait or the last chapters

  • Zack

    NaruSaku should have been how it ended.

    • Salty

      • Kushina Uzumaki (•◡•)

        omgf naruto !!!!!!!! omg i am so glad u dated hinata

  • ϟẘαℊϟ@ṧʊк℮

    the 2 last chapters sucks
    pairing sucks