The End of Naruto – Writer’s Note

In Manga

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  • HyugaName

    GOD! The feels! Congrats guys!

  • Andreas Aigalew


  • alex smith

    i cant wait to see these costumes hopefully they have this last movie as a hidden boss battle too in storm 4 😀

    • tylerc23

      150% Yes to costumes, No to boss battle. They never had Menma that’s why I think that

      • chris

        Menma was not cannon while the new movie is so probably will be

      • alex smith

        yeah most likely they could at least put him as a dlc character tho

  • tylerc23

    Because the New Era Project is a Mini-Series, I think it’s only going to be about 20 chapters.

    It’s going to be Manga right? But will it even be drawn as good??? because it’s not Kishimoto anymore

    • chris

      i remember someone saying it was going to be roughly 3 volumes

      • Ansem_Seeker_Of_Truth

        I thought it was going to be a Anime series only?

        • chris

          No why would it be and also it will be showed off in the movie/chapter