Naruto, Hinata, Shikamaru, Kakashi, Sakura, Sai, Sasuke

The Last: Naruto the Movie (The Story So Far)

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  • alex smith

    nice 😀

  • Xicor

    thanks ShonenGameZ for the scan translations

  • Albel Nox

    Its cool if naruto wears that scarf wherever he goes but I guess not…..

  • Albel Nox

    I wonder if bolt will have a rival and a lover

    • tylerc23

      He will and both are going to be Salad Uchiha.

      They hinted towards it when she said “He and I do have things in common.” Those things are that both their fathers are busy and they don’t get to spend a lot of time with them

      • micheal johnson

        thats hinted a lot in the chapter she follows him just like hinata followed naruo, though her outlook and personality is different

        • tylerc23

          Exactly, personality a little bit like Sasuke’s

  • Juan Ray González

    there’s one thng I didn’t get. What did sasuke detect?!

    • PSxTHREE

      I’m guessing karin is still stalking him lol

    • tylerc23

      Nothing, and that may have been the point. True peace now exists

      That, or Orochimaru just observing him but he’s not evil at all anymore so either way it’s no big deal

    • Nathan

      Depending if the time skip is between Naruto series end and the movie it could possibly the villain and group of baddies in the movie, cause I believe we’re to think this movie will be the start of the new Naruto series. Though it won’t be about Naruto as much, it’ll be more about their kids.

    • Hinatsta

      I think he felt the ire of his daughter (thinking of him and saying “shannaro”) She’s mad at him for not being around. She and Bolt both have a love & anger for their dads.

  • micheal johnson

    after reading 700 i’m left with more questions than answers, so hopefully this movie will tell us everything. why does sakuras child look like karin, and what happened to the taka/orochimaru? what is sasuke doing in the chapter?is the instuctor shino? what is kiba talking about? wheres yamato (he was in 699)? what is asumas kid doing? so far it looks like he remembered everyone for 699 and the last movie (though there seem to be art differenced like the hokage monument) so hopefully the movie will cover the whole 8 years in beween.

    • tylerc23

      -Teacher is Shino

      -Asuma’s child is going to travel with Kakashi as an aid

      – Sasuke is most likely traveling the world, making sure that Peace is maintained. It seems that he does go back to the village every now and then, but is busy like Naruto. (Kishi is making that dynamic of understanding one another again, I’m seeing a future where Bolt/Boruto Uzumaki and Salad Uchiha get married)

      -Sakura and Sasuke’s child has glasses to show that she is analytical as Sasuke was.

      I believe it’s much longer than 6 years in between. All the kids are around 8

      • micheal johnson

        well that clarifies something, thanks. idk the timeskip but people on tumblr say its 6 years after the last movie.

        • tylerc23

          Your welcome. It’s gotta be more. Everyone is way older, I’d say that Naruto’s age group is on the verge of being 30. Their definitely in their late 20’s by now

    • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

      For the umpteenth time she does not look like Karin. Glasses do not make the person.

      • micheal johnson

        She has her face, eyes and mannerisms too, the only differences are the color of the hair/eyes and the age. Granted she says shannaro like sakura but that could have just came from being around her. I think it’s sakuras child but she just doesn’t resemble her she even has Karin’s devious smirk. Regardless I want to know what happened to taka and orochimaru.

    • Isashi

      -Maybe it is from Karin 😉 just kidding, its Sakura’s for sure (have mom’s forehead hehe)

      -its possible that orochimaru will be a villain in part 3 and i want to know about taka too (probably karin and suigetsu are a couple)
      -sasuke made a child to sakura and ran away on chapter 699 (probably)
      -maybe its shino, but it’s not his clothes from the movie
      -kiba talk about kakashi left the hokage job
      -yamato is living his life normally (probably)
      -asuma’s kid is going on a mission to protect kakashi on a simple walk

  • King Ezek

    sasuke wants to be seshomaru so bad

  • King Ezek

    does it honestly only take 20 years to build an entire city from nothing? chapter 700 made no sense to me lol

  • I just realized… Akimaru is one really old dog! =o

  • Guardian Byakko

    Although I like the new designs (especially Tenten, Sasuke, Naruto, and Hinata), Naruto’s chakra mode looks lame-_- what happened to bijuu mode, or Sage of the Six Paths mode? Shouldn’t he have it since Sasuke has rinnegan still?

  • josh

    I want to know when will we see the movie here, at least under english subtitles?

  • Anjospot

    Naruto is a good looking.