So, If You Were Worried About the Naruto Anime Ending, Don’t Be

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  • stanced4lyfe

    So basically irrelevant, filler nonsense? *yawn* next!

  • Skorm94

    oh god seems like a very bad idea to me, okay if they animate the next generation naruto stories but I fear this is gonna be a naruto GT. They should just learn when to quit.

  • RedDragon10

    So… Filler. Cause that was so widely acclaimed before.

    • UchihaName

      Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple.

      • RedDragon10

        I wasn’t planning to, buddy. But I do suggest you open up your eyes a little and realize that everything with “naruto” in the title doesnt exclude it to criticism

        • UchihaName

          I know that quite well. Criticism should be given after something is provided though.

          Just like how a reviewer can’t review a song until after it’s finished.

          The fact that you won’t even give it a shot is exactly why i said that to you. If you’re not going to watch it, then why are you giving criticism? That doesn’t make sense to me.

          • RedDragon10

            Episodes 145- 220- Naruto
            Too many to count in Shippuden

            The fact of the matter, is we’ve already seen enough evidence of filler in this series to make the criticism justifiable. Whether you choose to watch it or not is none of my concern, but it’s the content of the material, not the name that I care for.

            • That filler was good. I will probably go rewatch it. I’m not worried about this turning out badly.

          • kerem

            remember robot-naruto fillers 🙂

            • UchihaName

              Mecha Naruto?! Lol that wasn’t a serious anime adaption it was just a comedy special…

      • funnymitchell

        so you don’t like something before you even watch it…. sure why not do you also know certain food is gross before you’ve tasted it?

        • DI

          if its a food made of some animals sh*t or pee you dont have to taste it to know is gross

          • Sarehchan


    • LastAndroid32

      This is not filler.

  • shaddrag

    Great news for any Naruto fan, if you don’t like filler, don’t watch it, but I for one will love this.

    • UchihaName

      Agreed. I can’t stand the complaining, no one has to watch it. It’s a choice.

      • SuperSaskeFanboyRetard

        I can’t stand the complaining, no one has to read comments. It’s a choice.
        Retards everywhere. The ending is SO BAD, that even the people who LIKE it have to go on the internet and get into fights with idiots…
        If you like it so much, just read the retarded new series, from the guy who is known to completely screw up his Manga.

        • Damian

          I couldn’t agree more! The ending was simply horrid!

  • Kenzor

    Grandpa Naruto gets cursed by some forbidden ninjutsu and regresses back to a child-like state and now he goes on an adventure with Bolt’s daughter and Sasuke’s son (i.e. Salad’s brother) to find Orochimaru for a cure.

    • shaddrag

      Lol, well-played.

    • jjs

      Dbz GT much? LOL

      • no

        dragonball z gt?

  • Danny123100

    This could either go very bad, or could go very good depending on how they do this. I’m a bit worried, because we all know what happened when DBZ took this route with GT. It didn’t go over well, so i’m kind of worried that’s going to happen with Naruto here.

    • They will probably do stuff with Naruto’s son. I don’t think it will go to badly. It all depends.

  • DI

    Naruto gt? Oh my God not again if the manga original ending wasnt good I imagine how this would be

    • UchihaName

      You’re so annoying.

      • DI

        And youre so conformist

        • UchihaName

          I’m actually surprised you used “you’re” correctly this time. LOL

          • DI

            Should I clap?

    • micheal johnson

      What was bad about it, sure some characters were left out the last chapter like taka, Yamato, and orochimaru but other than that it was perfect. There was some unclear language from kiba though, and I have no idea what sasukes doing.

      • DI

        It was too cliche and predictable

        • micheal johnson

          What did you want, the whole point of part 2 was to save sasuke (and along the way beat akatsuki) if that was supposed to be the end naruto would have died in part 1 and part 2 wouldn’t have kept stressing that naruto was the one to change the shinobi world, and no one would have entrusted anything to him, I would be mad if kishimoto would have just left the series with everything in chaos or suggesting that one guy dying was gonna change all the nations. The shinobi world In the end of the manga obviously isn’t perfect, but it is peaceful because all 5 nations respect each other and the leaders want to work together achieving nagatos (and all the other dead shinobis goals) a period of peace. The series should uplift you not make you feel hopeless.

          • DI

            b*tch please theres a lot of original and not predictable things that could have happened, saying that there was no other way and that it was perfect is not even fanboyism but something worse

            • micheal johnson

              Then what would you have done? This end was set from the very beginning everything in between was to get there.

              • DI

                you could have make that cliche ending even if the war didnt happened a forced ending like that can be made by anyone

              • ImBlackLOL

                “The end was set from the very beginning everything in between was to get to a completely different one.” Fixed…

                What Anime did you watch that lead to this Ending?
                Naruto was about something completely different.
                You might want to re read it because you seem to only have skipped through it.

                • micheal johnson

                  Well no, kishimoto said from the beginning of naruto he knew that he’d end it with the naruto vs sasuke fight. Naruto and sasukes rivalry was teasing a battle all through part 1, leading up to the first fight. Where as part 2 did the same, setting up both for a rematch. There’s no way he’d end the series without resolving that conflict that was always present in the background, now did he do a good job layering the story and putting the characters in situations that made that conflict take a back seat yes, but it was there since volume 1. The more you delved into part 1 the more you realized how broken sasuke and naruto were from their past experiences (especially after itachi) and that the end was leading either to them reconciling or destroying each other. You may have liked the journey better than the ending but it was hinted since the beginning, I’ve been reading it for a long time and loved all of it and can’t wait for the new manga next month.

            • micheal johnson

              Also you could stop being so rude and defensive it was just a response

              • DI

                rude and defensive? my God youre so sensitive

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  Can we not do this right now? Thanks. Appreciated.

                  • DI

                    do what?

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      I really have to point it out? Lets keep the comments clean and refrain from acting childish please.

                    • DI

                      are you all on your period today? d*mn so sensitive

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Your rude replies don’t exactly show that you’re on your best day either.

                      I’m warning you to stop. I don’t give out warnings twice.

                    • DI

                      thats how I act everyday so deal with it and do whatever you wanna do is not like theres no other pages to see anime news and even better than this one youre the one that will be losing if you ban me so if you wanna do it go for it

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Have fun on the other anime sites you have fun with then 🙂

                • micheal johnson

                  Its not sensitivity, it’s asking for respect. You are insulting me over an opinion, about something trivial. I did not disrespect you so please do not disrespect me, there are better ways to word the things you want to express.

  • UchihaName

    This is why i love the anime. I do hope that the episodes will be better than the fillers that were after Naruto vs Sasuke in part one, they weren’t very good imo.

  • tylerc23

    I’ll watch it occasionally like I do now, I knew they would do this.

  • MrZe1598

    so when 2015 starts we’ll get filler episodes? not the continuation of the story (canon episodes) ?

    • When the anime gets to chapter 700 of the manga. That is when this filler begins. Although I hesitate to call it filler. It really isn’t there for the sake of slowing down the anime and letting the manga catch up.

      • tylerc23

        It’s filler for the sake of not ending the series

      • MrZe1598

        so until the anime covers the until the end of the manga, we’ll have canon? that’s good, and maybe they are good fillers like kakashi anbu arc

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    I don’t care if the story is crap, I’ll watch for the sake of the animation.

    • DI

      You take fanboyism to a whole new level

      • anon

        What’s wrong with that? You like attacking people, don’t you?

        • DI

          no I just dont like retards

  • HyugaName

    Are you serious? Omg I am so happy!

  • Forlorn Hope

    This is a somewhat surprising development since Kishimoto began displaying a lack of interest in the Naruto story some time ago. The final chapter especially gave the impression of a forced fan service. As for the ending, chapter 699 leaves the characters in a more fitting place aside from Kakashi being named Hokage in the interim. The most and possibly only intriguing plot line he developed during the Great War was the battle of convictions between Naruto and Sasuke over the meaning of Hokage and that goes largely unsettled in favor of a rekindling of their friendship. This is subjective, but I believe those two chapters would have been better served flushing out their ideals and reaching the Naruto as Hokage conclusion from chapter 700 with Sasuke leaving to travel the world as he did in chapter 699. Despite the hiccup, though, I am glad there will still be a new short series because I have grown attached to the manga over the years.

    • djl

      I completely agree, what I would like to see from the fillers is more detail put into that incredibly rushed ending and maybe extend the ending a little bit. However I really don’t want to see the anime continue after the events of chapter 700 because then they might as well just wait and make the final season of “naruto” the new mini series kishimoto is writing. If they animate a naruto GT they would kind of shoot themselves in the foot because if there were plans to animate the mini series, you would end up with almos parallel universes

  • Hopefully Ill be good as a character

  • milagroful

    So what episode about will the real story end in the anime?

    • shaddrag

      My guess is Shippuden 430 or so.

  • Dejan Waitforit Gvozden

    I don’t care if they make a 1000 more episodes of flashbacks, i would still watch it! Naruto is a part from my childhood and i want it to be my whole life!

  • ZephySB

    well thats lame…

  • ZephySB

    i hope it fails.

    • Leeroy Jenkins

      just like your life?

      • ZephySB

        Exactly! Finally someone gets it 😀

  • naruto-fan 5 years


  • Steven J Porter

    So far, as of March 20 2015, we get 2-3 episodes of the current war and 14-15 episodes of Filler BULLSHIT… Starting to REALLY piss me off, this is worse than normal for Naruto…

  • Damian

    The manga ending was crap the anime ending will equally be crap if what I’m reading here is correct. Honestly the entire thing of 700+ was stupid but I still have love for Naruto. The one I remember not this Jerry Springer Maury Povich bull.

  • aodnko—name

    i think i now understand why there are so many fillers at the moment during the war. Because they are trying to plan episodes after the war and naruto and sasukes battle… what i’m hoping is that we get to see naruto become a chunin then to jonin, naruto becoming a sensei and the devleopment of the next generation aswell as some action with kakashi as hokage.

  • Kittoaeru

    am i the only one not worried about it ending and actually hoping it ends bc of all the bullsh*t fillers/retelling with changes? where is the end to make the anime a legend instead of running it into the ground shoulder deep and than pissing on its head