Kakashi, Sasuke

The Last: Naruto The Movie Sketch Designs For Sasuke and Kakashi Revealed

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  • abdoulhay ceesay

    ” We dont not only just have Sasuke and Kakashi’s concept art, but we also have some incredible collaboration news that you cannot miss!!” whats up with that?

  • naruto 1

    i knew that he didnt have his arm

  • Kamille

    what happened with the prosthesis that tsunade was making for sasuke? I noticed he still doesn’t has an arm on those sketches. Well, at least the fighting will be interesting. When was the last time we saw a ninja fighting with just one arm?

    And I’m a bit confused, I thought the movie was gonna take place after the ending of the manga but if Kakashi is still the hokage here then it means that it takes place before….

  • Barely see the pics