Luffy, Smoker

One Piece: Super Grand Battle! X Impressions – A Slightly Stale Adventure

In 3DS

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  • Kiera

    I have finished the First map yesterday and I love it so far. I’m with you that there are to few Missiontypes but I think Gigant Battle has the same Problem except some special Missions. But thats ok for me and not a turn down since I lobe Musou or Brawlers.

    The Game is definitly better than Gigant Battle 1 imo, 2 I have not tried yet. I have a lot of Fun with the Battle System. Thanks for your Impresons and Videos 🙂

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yup no problem.

      My only gripe is the story and how painful it makes it to unlock things.

      • handeu haime

        well that makes thing more interesting right?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          In a lot of cases yes. In this game, not really.

    • Lifestreamer

      Imo, the unlocking system from JUS/JSS and Gigant Battle 1 is the
      most fun one, the amount of requirements for each mission just forced
      you to improve and master each character, Gigant Battle 2 is over
      simplified but still good and SGBX is even more simple! Maybe if I could
      fully understand the game the experience could be better but even
      though I don’t mind the problems that tager is talking about I can see
      where he is coming from, it’s not for everyone, ….but it truly is for
      me! I just would be busy trying different characters/mach ups and kick

      Man I would love to have a jp copy of the game just to kick some asian a** just like in my GigaBattle 2 days 😉

      • Kiera

        I like Gigant Battle for its System but the actual Fighting is way better in this as in Gigant Battle imo, and this counts for me 🙂

  • The Grim Heaper

    I watched the first gameplay part you guys uploaded on Youtube the other day and almost fell asleep a few times, and this is coming from a really big OP fan.

    Hope it gets localized sometime so I can see if it’s better playing than watching…

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The fighting feels a lot like Jump Ultimate Stars. It’s really the battles that bring you in.

      I should record some online matches after I beat the game.

      • KonjikinoSora

        Is it a one-button system like Gigant Battle, or a two-button system like Jump Ultimate Stars? I really didn’t like Gigant Battle’s gameplay due to all of the changes made.

        • Kiera

          You have two attack Buttons wish can combine with Arrow Buttons for additional attacks.

  • Kiera

    TheGameTagerZ, I have a Question. How can I use the Third special Attack? For Ruffy I bought the second for 1500 Berry and the Third for 3 Coins. So then I press L ingame I get the Menü but even if I have 2 Points for it the Last one where you have to press R is still not available. I think this is the Ultimate Attack there the Screen is oing to be diffrent. Hope you understand and can help me.

    Edit: Ok so I find out that you must buy the Last Attack for both your Chars cause its a twin Attack. Ok that leaves this out of the way for being the Ultimate Attack so are there really only X und Y so for Ruffy Red hawk and Elephant Gatling. In the Trailers the Screen went diffent and only the Char was there when he does the Ultimate Attack.

    What does L+ A? Its in the Movelist but it does only a glowing on my Char and no Move, did I have to unlock it?

    Thanks in Advance for your help.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Ruffy haha.

      The third special attack is the combination attack you will need to pair Luffy up with the right people to execute that. I think you need to get the character on level 4 and get their secondary special attack in the store as well as the desperation attack (usually costs 3 coins)

      The desperation attack you bought with the pirate coins can only be released when you are about to die. It’s like a last resort move.

      Don’t remember the L+A thing I would have to get back to you.

      • Kiera

        Figure it out with Hancock you can do this Teamattack. How do I activate the desperation attack when im about to die? And do you figure out what teh Thing in the Shop is with the Lock is and how do you get this locks?

        So sorry Ruffy is n germany his Name and i find it way better than Luffy so I forget sometime to write Luffy when I speak Englisch^^

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Desperation is when you’re close to dying your special meter will burst into flames and I think it costs 2 or 3 blue bars to execute it.

          • Kiera

            Yeah thank you but as far as I know i works with 1,2 or 23 and consumes all you have then.

  • Me

    It seems they can never make a great One Piece game

  • Aydan

    I have a question, do the characters in this game have the same amount of combos like in Gigant Battle 2? Gigant Battle 2 had combos you could perform in almost in direction and it doesn’t seem like this game has as many combos. Thanks.

    • Kiera

      I don’t know Gigant Battle 2, haven’t played it yet. I notice a couple of people with the game said there are too few Moves but for me its ok. You have two Attacks Buttons and can use the 4 Directional Butons to make a Combos. So there are 6 Moves per Charaktere plus Jump Movs so I count 8. Its ok for me, sure more are better but that will do the Sequel. I have a hell of a lot fun Fighting, more than Gigan Battle.

  • Alan

    I’m having huge problems with the translation, especially with “special” missions that aren’t plain KO-ing or getting points or coins. What does it mean when the mission has the number “3” in it with a bunch of Japanese letters? I can never figure out what I’m supposed to do.