Play-Asia Makes Listing for Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle 2, Announcement Incoming?


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  • RedDragon10

    Interesting. After getting into the anime last month, I was thinking of buying the first game. Unfortunately, I’m only in the middle of Part 3 and woudn’t want to be spoiled.

    • Jolyne Kujo

      >27+ years old manga

      Just read the manga…

      • RedDragon10

        If I had time I would

  • alex smith

    wow 😀 if this is real i hope we will be able to get it to i really enjoyed the first one

  • Hagaren

    Would be great if true. I still haven’t played the first one yet, so I hope this one gets announced soon if real.

    • I only have the demo for the first one xD but if there’s a second one ill get that instead

      • Hagaren

        I heard there’s a “Prestige Edition” for the first game which includes all the DLC characters but I think it’s Europe only and digital. As tempting as that one sounds, now that this rumor has surfaced, I think I’ll wait a bit more to see if it’s true and just buy the sequel instead. Let’s hope we get an official announcement soon!

  • Ahtma

    I wonder if the sequel will keep Baoh.

  • 😀 I’m so Happy

  • Foxie

    Hopefully they don’t plague this one with DLC

  • poopy

    There’s 3 things I’m hoping for:

    -cross platform release
    -better framerate
    -Diego Brando