Great ape Vegeta

Great Ape Vegeta Joins Dragon Ball Xenoverse


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  • Marshall D. Teach

    OMG! Hype Level is over 9000!! Thank you so much for thee translations.

    • The Wolf 47

      How bout kid Gohan Giant Ape?

      • micheal johnson

        sure he will come later, along with other giants. jaco is final confirmation that sergiom3 datamining is acurate.

  • Ryo Kurokiba

    But are they playable?

    • Marshall D. Teach

      He looks as if hes a boss only as of right now. But wouldn’t it be awesome fighting him online with a group of friends? =D

    • Michael

      Probably not, which is stupid as hell.

      • micheal johnson

        the scan says he will be in parallel quests, and i don’t see why he cant be playable

  • This is amazing. That shot of Vegeta after he launches the ball is beautiful.

  • Alex

    At the bottom, it says expect more dragon ball xenoverse news tonight.. is there actually more news??

  • Osiris7496

    If thy are playable everything online will be great ape vs ssj3

  • micheal johnson

    yes! ive been waiting since japan expo for this announcement and i gotta say the grabbing the tail is a brilliant way to go about it. now all thats left for me kid goku (i know hirano said no db characters but kid goku has the power pole, tail spin, and kintoun to fly)

  • I can’t wait until the game comes out

  • RedDragon10

    Bardock’s silhouette on the lower left

  • Akirascreaming

    Yep starting to look more battle of z garbage

  • kUSHSmoKer21

    Haven’t played a Z game in years. I’m definitely getting this game!

  • Gamejtv

    Looks like he does a Great Ape Frog Splash