Tokyo Ghoul Carnaval: New Game Gets Its First Scan


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  • chris

    I just started reading/watching and it is pretty awesome so far even though im only on episode 5

    • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

      Just drop anime and read manga man, It’s much better.

    • I’d do both actually.

      The first season is really pretty condensed and they change a lot from the manga, but the next season is going to be its own original story which might be cool.

      Read the manga if you want the best experience, but watching the anime could be pretty cool too for a different kind of thing.

      • chris

        ya im liking the manga a lot so far and have been comparing the two as i go along they both are cool in their own ways i started it from seeing Psycho Pass anime

  • Morgiana

    I want a console game.

    • Well if Bandai Namco has the license, we’ll see where this goes. The show is being dubbed for release in the US, and if it gets popular we can start seeing more and more games since they’d have to make games for it to keep the license.

  • Akirascreaming

    booooo smartphone game really???? Piece of sh#T

  • Leland South

    I’d rather have a console game screw phone games 😛

  • anyways, I can’t wait to play that game

  • Sasaki Haise

    Well Bandai Namco does have a Ps Vita game coming out too: “Tokyo Ghoul Masquerader”