Sasuke, Karin, Suigetsu, Jugo

New Info On Sasuke’s Spin-Off Series Revealed, Will Debut in Saikyou Jump

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  • Ahtma

    “Garbage! From King Garbage! Of the Garbage Dynasty!”

    • Yugiboy85

      Courage, the cowardly dog show. Such good memories ^^

      OT: I will give it a try before judging it though.

  • Ven Mystborn

    aw c’mon I was hoping the spin-off would be the daily life of Shino

  • AnimeOtaku87

    I’m looking forward to see a different side of Sasuke, seeing his teammates Jugo and Suigetsu. (Not so much Karin)

  • AnimeOtaku87

    When will it come out?

  • Of course this niqqa get’s a spinoff series…