New The Last: Naruto the Movie Scans Details On Characters and Recaps Story

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  • Andreas Aigalew

    After reading the description of toneri i have a feeling that the easter egg on manga chapter 687 was toneri… look right from naruto in the first picture and you’ll see a man in the background…

    • Rob Lucci

      Wow, good catch! I wonder what he intended to do then. If that’s really him.. maybe we’ll know why in the movie, and we may get a better look in the anime too.
      EDIT: Unless that’s Sasuke?

    • tylerc23

      I think that’s Sasuke

      • Andreas Aigalew

        sasuke was right beside him what are you talking about?

    • HyugaName

      People were saying it was Sakura. Check NarutoBase.