Could J-Patrol Somehow Be Related To J-Stars? (Update: It’s A Group That Will Be Covering Jump Festa)

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  • kUSHSmoKer21

    New Jump game! I wonder if its 2D or 3D?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I wish we had another 2D one but most likely 3D which is okay too.

  • Haru Onodera

    J-Stars Victory Versus 2? Battle Stadium D.O.N 2? One Piece fighting game in storm engine with Dragon Ball and Naruto character?

    • Storm engine? I don’t think so lol

      • No one does.

        • Storm engine should only stick with STORM games and not any other.

          • TheGameTagerZ

            I personally think it wouldn’t look bad. They would most likely use a new engine for it if they ever worked on one. I always wanted CC2 to work on a project like this.

            • I just think an engine such as the STORM one should really stick with the STORM series. But yeah, we’ll see what happens, still hoping it’s a new game.

              • Drev

                j-stars gameplay wasn’t so good in the end…very “wooden” movements…

            • Ahtma

              Yeah, CC2’s magic is that they could probably replicate any anime perfectly in game form. I always wanted to see SSJ2 Goku vs. Majin Vegeta as told by them.

          • I was saying that more in depression Master. I didn’t imply that no one was seeing it coming.

  • It’s either an ‘event’ or a new game consisting of being another D.O.N or Weekly Shonen Jump based Crossover!! I honestly hope it’s another Jump crossover, though that’s just me. Thanks for informing us on this ShonenGameZ!

    • TheGameTagerZ

      I’m hearing it could be an event. I really hope all of this hype is related to a new game announcement in some fashion.

      • I hope so too man.

        • Haru Onodera

          i hope you are playable!

          • Relax, we don’t even know if this is a game yet. Hope it is though.

  • Akirascreaming

    Looks interesting if its a game I m buying

  • Haru Onodera

    well Jump Festa is coming.

  • Buru


  • MiloXZ

    plz give us a “Smash bros” style game, like jump ultimate stars

    • King Ezek

      that would be hella sick…jump bros lol, but i kinda want inuyasha tho

    • son goku

      Rather. Have 3d game not side scroller

      • TheGameTagerZ

        I don’t mind either or but usually the 2D fighting games last a lot longer than the 3D ones.

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      i prefer j stars style over smash though……………

  • RedDragon10

    I’m guessing an event or even some board game. Hoping for a sequel though

  • If its a sequel. I will be Genie.

  • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

    Well well! i will keep my fingers crossed for new Jump Stars game on PS4.

  • If it a J-Stars
    sequel : Moar mango in the thing,plz.

    If it a DB/OP/Naruto Crossover game like D.O.N : GO FOR IT !

    • Need more Reborn characters.

      • Guardian Byakko

        Extreme bite to death!!! Ryohei and Hibari would be great additions.

  • Shonen Jump

    It is not a game, it is an event for japan

    • TheGameTagerZ

      The IF is there for a reason. The Twitter page has yet to say that it was an event and even so we don’t know what the event contains of yet. We’ll have to find out at Jump Festa probably.

      • Shonen Jump

        What do you think it is?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          I don’t know, like I said we’ll find out soon I’m betting on this month.

          • Shonen Jump

            If it’s a game I really hope it for the Ps4.

            • son goku

              Why wouldn’t. It be in ps4 or ps3

      • Matheus Barbosa Silva

        When is Jump Festa?

        • TheGameTagerZ

          December 19

          • Matheus Barbosa Silva

            Thank You! Waiting…

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    OMFG I hope this is a game for the PS4 if not be a AWESOME crossover movie.

  • It should be a crossover game. Because Bandai Wouldn’t be making accounts. For a event. Unless if the event is big.

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    plz be j stars sequal……….. and this time please have most characters up to date

  • ℬreeze-kun ◎

    gewd very gewd

  • Gamejtv

    First though was that it would be a quick little one shot with these characters or something like that. If it was a game that’d be cool. But Bandai Namco France said they didn’t have anything to do with the Twitter Account, but it looked like they new something so it’s still a mystery. Either way I’d be happy with some form of crossover media

  • D Cole

    Don’t know if you guys haven’t seen or not but Namco Bandai replied to someone one Twitter about this.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yes we have seen it.

  • Hagaren

    Interesting! Hope it’s a J-Stars sequel of sorts and if so, this time it’ll have the series which were ignored before!

    • Yeah, hopefully we get characters that should’ve been playable, but were support as playable too.

  • Ikki Minami

    Don’t tease me man im pumped if it is i still am one of the few that play nonstop

  • If this is a sequel to J-Stars, then we better see some Fairy Tail representation this time!
    *cough* How about *cough* Mystogan *cough*

    • I…..

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Fairy Tail has nothing to do with weekly shonen jump. It’s like asking for Attack On Titan Characters.

      It’s like asking for a Sega only fighting game to have Mario in it.

      Super Smash Bros is the only exception but it’s a weak example because you almost never see that happen for other fighting games.

      Point is, if it’s a Weekly Shonen Jump ONLY fighting game you wont see Fairy Tail, or Inuyasha or Hajime no Ippo, or Sailor Moon or Air Gear or Full Metal Alchemist. I can keep going.

      Especially if this ends up being a game and coming overseas then One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Naruto is the best we can get because of licensing. Even putting those 3 together in one game in the West can prove to be a legal challenge.

    • Kogure Yuuya

      Yeah totally. And while we’re at it, let’s add Shrek and Chuck Norris as well. Oh, and Superman too

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Shrek is too OP. I can see Superman in though because he’s a cartoon.


      • Bdock3601

        I want a j stars version where its jump vs marvel

  • Pls, Yuma for smash confirmed.

  • Kiera

    Looking Foward to it, loved J Stars, was a great Game. And every One Piece Game is bought by me 🙂

  • I made this when I was bored, putting the silhouette’s together!

    • Bdock3601


    • son goku

      i think it would be god goku but thats just me look kool

      • Thanks, look at the silhouette at the top of the page then look at the one here. It’s the same picture, plus God Goku’s hair doesn’t shoot up like regular Super Saiyan does. His hair just closely resembles the same as it normally would in his base form but turned Red with some tweaks. I was only matching the silhouette’s with pictures I found and they connect well.

  • John Curiel

    I sure hope this game unlike J-Stars can make it into North America. Japan please give us this game, please for once.

  • Shonen Jump

    New tweet. Wonder what that means?

    • “A project made by fans, for the fans, in order to cover the upcoming Jump Festa event!”

      We will find out at JumpFesta! 😉

    • TheGameTagerZ

      So vague…its like rewording of the last tweet but this time confirms Jump Festa.

      • It says “cover” kinda makes me think of a secret street crew recording Jump Festa or something.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Makes me believe that this announcement is merely the Bandai Namco staff going to cover news there.

          • Yeah, guess we’ll find out when Jump Festa ’15 hits.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              I mean it says it here:

              “By Fans For Fans To Cover The Jump Festa 15”

              To me it sounds like a group of people heading there to get the news for us.

      • Shonen Jump

        At least it confirm that it will be in jump festa

  • Shonen Jump

    So you still don’t think it will be a game?

    • There is a chance. But it’s decreased a lot to like 10%

      • Shonen Jump

        what do u think it is now?

        • Some group of people going to the event to get information or something along those lines.

          • Shonen Jump

            I really hope it is a game if not I hope it is a movie

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Wont be a movie. It says “A Project Made By Fans For Fans In Order To Cover The Upcoming Jump Festa Event”.

              Don’t set yourself up for disappointment….a movie isn’t happening if Bandai Namco Games is affiliated with this why would it be a movie?

              • Shonen Jump

                what do u think it is base on the latest tweet, do u still think maybe it could be a game?

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  I just told you….just fans going to Jump Festa to get coverage for the people. Their group name is J-Patrol from what it looks like.

  • goku-sama


  • Haru Onodera

    Naruto storm 4 Confirmed! Gameplay/Trailer is showed next week on jump festa!

  • Mr.Chinpokomon

    Maybe J patrol is a news site or Forum for the upcoming Jump Festa, it may include big stories about Naruto (Storm 4), Dragonball Z (Xenoverse), and One piece (Pirate Warriors 3) will be releasing/released big time games… or maybe it will cover a groundbreaking news for us Gamers relating for a new ultimate anime/Jstars like roster fighting game… what you think.. it’s just my opinion..