The Last Naruto The Movie Complete Plot (Includes Spoilers)

  • Housni

    Did Naruto lose his sage of six paths mode and powers (gudoudama, flying, rinnegan, healing …)? Why didn’t he use them against Toneri?

    • He only goes into Kurama Chakra mode in the movie, only Toneri turns into Six Paths mode.

      • JWalk

        It’s just a way for the movie to make Naruto have a challenge. I notice this in EVERY Naruto movie, that Naruto is weaker in the movie than usual until it’s time to FINALLY defeat the boss.

        Naruto is overpowered and should have curb-stomped the villain. Sage Power, full access to the Kyuubi, large chakra, flying, truth-seeking balls, Summoning Jutsu, Tailed Beast bombs, access to the chakra of the other 8 tailed beasts, no way he should have had difficulty this movie.

        • Man_of_Sin

          Naruto has Six Powers in the movie and Hamura’s chakra.

      • Hakeruberrii

        Dude. Remember the final battle with Sasuke? He lost his hand that was blest with power. Some of his power got lost there. Especially, the healing one.

    • Krazyfan1😵

      i think he can only go into that mode when all the Biju are inside him.
      only Kurama stayed, so no Rikudo mode.

      • Ivan Fadillah Silondae

        do you remember about hagoromo said after team 7 defeat kaguya .from shukaku to gyuuki chakra already inside in other word
        naruto sage kurama mode + 1-8 tailed beast chakra=rikudou sennin mode

        • Krazyfan1😵

          isnt that what i said?
          Naruto has Kurama, and if he had the other Biju, he could go rikudo mode

      • tylerc23

        He still has all of their chakra melded inside of him. Hagoromo tells all of the beasts that they can meet up with eachother within Naruto, remember?

        He can still do it. He just used a complete version of Kurama Mode because he has Yin and Yang half’s now too.

        • Krazyfan1😵

          true enough..
          but wouldnt that run the risk of using them up?
          i mean, they are only pieces of chakra, not the beasts themselves, therefore its unlikely that they regain chakra

          • tylerc23

            Nope, it’s infinite. He has full access to all of their Chakra. All of the Beasts, except Kurama and Gyuki, are now Free but they can all still meet up in Naruto like they could with Hagoromo.

            Remember when the 9 Beast’s Chakra linked up with the actual beasts that Obito absorbed? He still posses all of their Chakra.

            For all intensive purposes, Naruto is the Sage of the Sixth Paths.

            • Krazyfan1😵

              ah, ok…
              umm….well…im n ot sure why he wouldnt use it then…
              maybe he doesnt want to risk hurting Hinata?

              • tylerc23

                I honestly think that it’s because that mode hasn’t been shown in the Anime yet, so they didn’t want to spoil the fact that he has all of their chakra. Plus, he’d be IMPOSSIBLE to beat. The movie came out because the Manga ended, but a lot of people, even in Japan, don’t read the manga.

                That’s really what I think.

                Between you and me, I’m pretending this movie didn’t happen, because I believe that when Naruto and Hinata held hands after Neji died. That that is when Naruto felt differently about Hinata. There were times after that, like when the Moon Eye Plan came into affect, out of everyone, Naruto shouted Hinata’s name.

                So for me, after the war finally ended, they were already together. This movie didn’t have to show me how, there were enough moments in the manga to show me.

                • Ikki Minami

                  That and it’s like the comparison to “why doesn’t goku just go SSJ3?” on all his fights…its because they want the fights to be fair and not naruto being like “ya i have infinite chakra so….give up yet?”

                • Rexchane Balachanthiran

                  I think it’s because they maybe started making the movie before naruto has his new rikudou mode…then again sasuke still has his rinnegan.

                  • JWalk

                    It’s not that hard to replace a Sharingan with a Rinnegan, lol. They didn’t even show Sasuke using any abilities.

        • JWalk

          I think he can’t heal people or use their chakra anymore because he doesn’t have half the Sage’s power anymore. He also only has 3 truth-seeking balls instead of 6 like he originally had.

          • James Sannon

            He actually lost some of the truth seeking balls in his fights.

            • JWalk

              Do you mind linking to a page where this happened? Last time I recalled him really using the Truth-Seeking Balls was when he destroyed Madara’s Chibaku Tensei Metereoite Shower.

      • Naruto

        He still has all the beasts chakra, 6 oaths tells kurama to stay with naruto so he can act as a meeting point for them all should they need to talk.

    • tylerc23

      No, he’s still go it

    • Zanaku

      The truth-seeking balls are still seeking the truth about whether Naruto still has his Sage of 6 Paths Power. Thats why he can’t use the power at the moment

  • djo alves

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  • John Ramirez

    Thanks a lot man, by any chance do you plan on coveribg the afterstory novels as well? Really interested to what will occur in those

  • KitS Reim

    Just a couple questions, Why is Naruto’s Rasengan orange? And did Naruto lose his Six Paths Mode? Also thank you for the plot.

    • Guest

      Naruto’s Rasengan is supposed to be canonically orange I believe. They changed it to blue in the anime for some reason, but if you look at the cover of volume 52 you can see Kishi colored his rasengan orange. Also I believe Naruto mentions to Jiraiya at some point that his chakra feels more orangeish. Maybe for the movie though, it’s just supposed to be a rasengan infused with Kuramas chakra.

    • tylerc23

      It was Orange only in his Right Hand. Rasengan in his Left Hand is Blue

      It’s Orange because his Left Arm is made of Hashirama’s cells, which amplifies his Senju/Sixth Paths jutsu in that hand.

      He still has the Sixth Path’s Mode, he just didn’t use it. Remember, Hagoromo told all of the beasts that they can always meet up within Naruto now, like they used too with him.

      Naruto and Sasuke still both posses their Sixth Paths power

    • Asura

      In the manga his chakra has always been yellow. The anime changed it to blue for some reason.

  • RedDragon10

    Nice. By any chance do you live in Japan?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Jack does yes. It’s how we were able to get coverage from Jump Festa last year.

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      • tylerc23

        Then I am very excited for you Storm 4 news.

  • Thx jack! I cant wait to see this.

  • ShinobiMuramasa

    Thank you for posting about this and for all of your hard work on the site! Could you tell us about the guidebook that you got from the movie?

  • micheal johnson

    thank you, people have been reporting about the movie all month.Good to finally find a reliable report.

  • micheal johnson

    also storm 4 has a new website and it has hi def images that we saw from the scan as well as a close up of the last naruto in game

    • TheGameTagerZ

      We’re aware. Getting translations as soon as we can.

      • micheal johnson

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  • Akura32

    So your Japanese Jack?

    • No, but I`m pretty much fluent in it and live here :0!

      • Akura32

        That’s awsome and I thought Toneri goes into Tenseigan Chakura Moudo?

        • Yeah he goes into a 6 Paths mode using the power of his Tenseigan, which is wavering due to Hinata and Naruto destroying the Physical Tenseigan.

          • Akura32

            Yep and The Last comes to US for certain cities

  • Issac Johnson

    This is confusing how is hinata on the moon at that breathing in space? Unless the moon was in earths atmosphere. In the trailer it seems to go different then what’s typed here naruto seems to be flying towards the moon and hinata not with him okay I don’t get this at all.

  • Issac Johnson

    When you mean blow a hole in the world did he really put a hole though it?

  • Manu SaiyanZ

    Yeah, I don’t think I’m gonna like the movie lol

  • Came for Hanabi, in more ways than one.

    • randy191993

      Hanabi had way too few screentime!

  • Thank you Jack, some people mention this site, so I was like let me see what they were talking about, I’m really amazed.
    Thank you for having proof unlike other sites *cough ‘sayianisland. Cop/paste there logo on stuff that they took.

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  • EliteTrainerXeos

    The 1st trailer for Storm 4 has been out for a while now, how come you guys haven’t gotten round to posting an article for it?

    Just curious is all. 🙂

  • Afiq Rafiqi

    So, sasuke only appears when he destroyed the meteor? And then he just ‘poof’ out of nowhere, meaning that was only his scene in the movie?? Damn..

    • Sarah

      Hot Cameo for HokaKakashi’s awe.

  • death

    ‘guys do you a site’ where i can download o stream this movie without registration……. respond pls

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    This info is better than in SI,

  • Sasuke Uchiha

    D’oh… Just a bit of Sasuke?

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  • jam francisco

    Yes why naruto did not use sage of six path power plus yin and yang combine power kurama? Only tailed beast or kurama mode only….i thought anime manga series are the same naruto become storngest and sage of the six path power plus kurama combine yin and yang power reunite ..then i really expect naruto new power …has chance to get new eye rinnegan power …it so sad ….for us to …all over to follow this story …u said last naruto movie ….

  • jam francisco

    But naruto his right hand …hashirama cells it big chance naruto uzumaki can use new power wood jutsu , awaken rinnegan eye.,sage of the six path or rikodou sennin plus yin and yang power combine …remember bloodline senju,uchiha,uzumaki , ..are related of the six path …

  • Rick

    I don’t see the point on Sasuke’s scenes. They just seem random

  • jam francisco

    Why naruto did not use sage six path sage mode ? New power ? His right arm heal hashirama senju cells ..its means naruto can use wood jutsu new power yamato, danzo, obito, madara… Made from hashirama cells

  • jadehandro .

    its kind of unfortunate that we dont get to see all the konoha 11 fight in their new states, like Ino & Choji or TenTen & Kiba , even Tsunade or Orochimaru , but i guess they could only do so much with just 1 movie. I hope we see some new moves in Storm 4 for everyone grown up

  • Zer0

    so no sasusaku 😧😧

  • Sarah

    Read this to get information about Toneri. Hamura’s name is mentioned as a place (the Temple)
    Leaves disapointed that Hinata is nothing more then a stage prop to be sorted out by whoever is the Alpha Male.

  • Indonesia (N/A)… :'(

  • Temuulen Altangerel

    for people asking about narutos sage of six path mode, i think he lost it when toneri took his chakra out while he was taking hinata, like thats why the hole from the explosion was so big? 😛 i’ve seen the movie, i was expecting alot more but still loved it 🙂 no sasusaku tho 🙁 or even sasuke for that matter -_-

  • SousukeAizen

    I always compared that with dbz goku
    maybe there is no need to enter sage mode of six paths like goku never goes ssj3 on all enemys 😀

  • Anjospot

    Naruto was a childhood to an adult and he is still cute as ever! 🙂