Naruto Storm 4 Will Have “Alterable” Stages and Boss Battles Will Be More Strategic


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  • CC2… actually implementing fans’ requests…? Is that a thing now?

    • Nightstar1994

      It’s going to be a thing when they add the Sound 4

      • lolSound4

        • Nightstar1994

          well it can’t be a Storm 4 without Sound 4

  • Kim Honey

    Now i wonder if they will re-copy paste all characters that were in storm 3, & just make Storm 4 characters look real (talking about facial expressions), also about the 3 wacky combos instead of 4 combos from storm 2-gens-1 now that they wont be holding back according to almost 90% of the fanbase lol

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Compared to it being on 8+ year old hardware to me at least means they can push for a better quality product.

    • micheal johnson

      Hopefully they add the 4 combos and make it like they had back then, the game has really gotten boring without variety.

    • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

      They probably will anyway

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    I do hope that now we have these “Alterable” stages, that ring outs are gone and replaced with stage transitions.

    • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

      I hope so too

    • Catherine Bouey

      I don’t see what was wrong with Ring Outs considering triggering them in a player battle was all but impossible.

      • EliteTrainerXeos

        It’s not that ring outs were bad, it’s the way they were implemented.

        Having to break a force field in order to knock someone out the stage was a stupid idea. You don’t see that in Wrestling or the Soul Caliber games do you? It’s just a straight up wring out.

        If they were handled better, then sure they can stay.

        • Catherine Bouey

          They should just get rid of them entirely along with other things like Minato’s invincibility frames.

        • Bdock3601

          That was because of all the moves with knockbacks that were too easy to hit with, maybe in the next game they’ll have larger stages and they can have the force field down

  • Baryll

    You can definitely see a lot of new things just from those two pictures. The characters are damaged, it looks like the Kyuubi is fused with the Susanoo, probably a boss battle, but still, very fresh looking. It exceeds the first Storm’s graphics easily as well. I’m somewhat doubtful it’ll be the “last” game, but it looks like a very good one from what I can expect.
    Definitely a new horizon from the other Storm games that otherwise felt aged because of the hardware.

    • micheal johnson

      i don’t see it being the last cc2 developed game but definitely the last storm game, there really isn’t anywhere else they can take the series. i supect well get a new developer for the next naruto game and cc2 will return with something different later on.

      • Mathew Gibbons

        Last numbered Storm game. A Generations/Revolution style game will probably be made in 2016

        • micheal johnson

          Why end the series with a forgettable filler game that offers little to nothing new? They plan on finishing the Naruto series with this one so the only additions that can be made for a later game is characters that were left out the past titles and that’s not enough to sell a game to people revolution and generations prove this. Plus there would be no new battle mechanic because there would be no need for it with it being the last cash grab, storm 4 will have all main improvements. It would be a waste of time and money to release one after this there’s not enough content to add on.

  • K’

    I hope these “alterable” stages aren’t as stupid as those in revolution where every awakening goes to that lava stage (even awakenings that dont make sense to do so) and when it ends it goes back to the original stage like nothing happened retarded

  • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

    Sounds awesome.Man, i just can’t wait to play OP:PW3 and this.2015 is going to be awesome.

  • MoatsG

    Hopefully no more QTE’s. I never liked them.

  • Hiulio

    I hope these aren’t the graphics of the game.

  • Griffin

    I wonder how much the stages will change, like how much destruction could be caused on, let’s say, the Training Field. Also, does anyone else hope the Moon is a stage from “THE LAST” since we’re already getting Naruto from the Movie?

  • Hiluliio

    Just saw some of the gameplay. From the quality of the video, it appears the graphics have only improved marginally,

  • Hilulio

    I’m done with storm games.

  • Hilulio

    Done since storm 3.