Naruto Storm 4: Will Support Storm League, New Press Release Details Emerge


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  • tylerc23

    Beside Storm League, they’ve said nothing new. Trying to figure out why they have “new sweet information about Single Player and Online” in the article

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    They need to do everything beyond perfect for this game, the roster, combos, story, game modes, boss battles, everything. I pray that they end this storm with a bang which we could have never even imagined.

    • EBKbrothersInTime


  • Leobel Moreta

    They better not make it like revolution, revolution was by far the worst storm

    • Yugiboy85

      Revolution was a spin-off of some sort (like generations). This, however, is a true storm game that is expected to have a good story line like the previous numerical storm had. One boss battle is confirmed for the moment (madara vs hashirama at final valley).

      • Leobel Moreta

        I agree, but tbh, generation had great mechanics, all cc2 had to do was tweek it a little, Storm 3 had good mechanics as well, then rev was like a kid that eats glue lol, i hope storm 4 mechanics is no where near storm revolution

    • zaid ahmed

      yess because of the new battle systems

  • Akirascreaming

    My life is complete

  • Ikki Minami

    So I feel that with all the story battles that CO-OP should be implemented in the game along with 2v2 online battles as a CHOICE cause imagine SO6P narusasu vs madara/juubito that would be legit but thats my opinion

  • Ansonī Kurisuchan Howaito

    That means you have no excuse to flop. I expect to see Every single Jutsu that matches the manga at least, and accurate UPDATED Jutsu/combos on every single Character in the game. Yes, I expect Konan to have a TRUE Ultimate Jutsu, much like the one she displayed against Obito, and I expect Tsunade to actually have a better Ultimate as well, a lot of them don’t feel like Ultimate jutsu, and more of copy/paste of the SAMETHING…since the first game.