One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 Website Translations


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  • Kiera

    I want this Game so bad, looks aweome and this Boxart. I’m glad I can importe will play this even more than PW 2. Thanks Namco for making my Dream for PW 3 come true 🙂

  • Random Name

    Thanks again for the translations! I can always count on you guys.

  • AnonymousNaruto2000

    About the Sabo code, so is it supposed to unlock him in the Game for you instead of playing through the game?

    • I assume so, or it could be you get an early access to him before he’s released in the store.

      • AnonymousNaruto2000

        It would be pretty stupid to release him as DLC since he’s a major character in the Dressrosa arc, and the fact that he’s on the cover.
        I hope it is just an unlocking code.

        Also, LOL @ Luffy’s fish costume.
        I did NOT think they would add that to this game!!!

    • Kiera

      Xes normally you have to unlock him by Playing Main Mode, now you can play right away.

      • AnonymousNaruto2000

        Thank goodness. That makes a lot more sense. 🙂

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    Just letting you know that their’s an interview with the CEO of CC2 today on niconico live. I think it starts in less than two hours.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    All of the fish men look the same.

    • Guest

      The mother didn’t want just twins

    • Xpert_Sigma

      That’s racist….

  • EliteTrainerXeos
  • Kiera

    You have a littlke nistake, wish it was 220 Millionen Games sold^^