Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Gameplay Teaser


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  • micheal johnson

    How did he even get this?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Livestream footage we reported it was today around 8am. I personally overslept and couldn’t make it.

      • micheal johnson

        Oh, I never heard about it but it’s this we will see more this weekend so it doesn’t matter.

      • micheal johnson

        Thanks for telling me

  • micheal johnson

    Anyway it looks interesting, the models look the same but the stage looks alive. Hopefully the stage effects have been added for all battles.

    • Kim Honey

      Boss battles for Storm 4, I think Cc2 is more interested in showing fancy shiny things than showing pure love in the game, as far as i can see, Hashirama is using Storm generations hashirama moveset – fused with Storm revolution Edo Hashirama.. if that was the reason they butched the combos in storm 3 then they are putting a middle finger in all of us (In my opinion, dont hate me)

      • micheal johnson

        Im waiting to see vs gameplay to judge what they did with the combat, I was too amazed that there was gameplay so early to pay attention to hashirama (other than him having the sword in the ground, possibly you can pick up weapons and drop them). Boss battles always look cool, I want to know if it is actually going to be fun to play and have combo variety. Even if it takes them fusing 2 of the same character at least he’ll have 4 seperate combos.

        • Kim Honey

          Hopefully the 4 combos make a return & if they mix the versions of storm revolution characters (akatsuki-konoha 7-kages) with their Storm Generations (Or storm 2 & 1) versions, then they all will feel fresh… also im wondering if that truly happens, then we are likely going to get updates for Storm 3 characters (in at least one combo for Darui-Hanzo-Mifune-Tailed beasts) which is very good

          • micheal johnson

            They should do it for the whole roster, there’s a lot less to add this time around so they should have plenty of time and there are no hardware constraints. They also should get rid of revolutions battle types and try to balance the characters the right way. Also (although unrelated) I want wall climbing to return from storm 1.

            • Kim Honey

              Yeah, i always wanted wall fights again, also introductions before battles (Not that secret factor thing that gets old after the 4 time)
              I always wanted to see Hidan laughing at Shikamaru before the match started

    • micheal johnson
  • What i’ve noticed
    Hashirama: Hashirama’s in an orange aura that i don’t recall in past storms, his combo looks similar to his moveset from Storm Generations

    Stage: Swords in the middle of the stage that are surrounded by orange circles indicating interaction, semi-lasting stage destruction

    Madara: (I’m sure thats not his move set and only boss techniques) different move set,
    Effects wise the game look fantastic and the stage looks more dynamic

  • Will the new scan be translated by tomorrow?

  • Akura32

    Hmm Lets see what Jack does when he goes to the event

  • Gamejtv

    And all the “it won’t look any different” people are silenced

    • Enturax/Turbotrup

      You seriously said that while watching low quality, 5sec long boss battle gameplay? + I can already see that the game will have same mechanics.

      • micheal johnson

        well jutsus look better, but the models look the same. we wont be able to judge the game til we see 1v1 vs gameplay.

  • Nick Kuma

    What I think would be a nice addition:
    I know a lot of people have said this but individual characters should have a wider jutsu portfolio so that you could change and adjust jutsus when selecting characters, somewhat similar to e.g DB Raging Blast. What I would like to see is seeing characters having more than one justu to access. This way we could include more strategy in free battle. For example, take naruto and have him make shadow clones that can do different things: either charge straight at the enemy, or sit down and charge sage mode or help him make a giant rasengan or rasenshuriken.

    In addition, I’d like to see more jutsus with consequences to the user. E.g amaterasu takes health or has limited use and as a result there is burning health reduction for the enemy if they are hit.

    Also, burn damage from fire-style jutsus, stronger water-style jutsus if used in a water environment, extremely brief stun damage from lighting based attacks and so on…
    I’d also like to be able to implement strategy thorough proper use of ninja tools and traps. E.g placing a tag on a tree and it stays there until the enemy approaches and blows up the tree or something. A whole bunch of things like that. Just more ways to change the strategy depending on the player you use instead of having to charge in even if your character would not fight like that in the manga/anime.

    Picking up items shouldn’t be exclusive to boss battles.

    There’s a whole bunch of things that going next-gen will enable CC2 to do. I loved every storm game and I have faith they won’t dissappoint. The 10 second gameplay got me so hyped!!

    • funnymitchell

      how about you put this in cc2’s suggestion box

      • Nick Kuma

        Good idea! Gonna do that now..

  • ŌtsutsukiName


  • ŌtsutsukiName

    Did SI take his video?