Naruto Storm 4: Japanese Press Release Translated, Possible Character Confirmation


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  • Mitsunari Ishida

    Kurama Chakra Link Naruto and Six Path Madara awesome cosplay and that would be one hell of a confirmation if Six Path Madara is Playable.

    • alex smith

      He should be playable itd be weird if he wasnt

    • Guest

      It’s Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto, not Kurama Mode Naruto.

      If it was, then his face would be covered in yellow face paint.

      • Dei

        He’s wearing the jacket, so it is Kurama Mode Naruto. Also look at the tomoe.

  • Dude im very happy about what Shonen gamez has been doing. Working hard for us. Man it makes me wanna drop a tear.

  • roockie112

    Shonengamez is really underated I love this page keep up the hard work guys !

    • Griffin

      Thanks! We’re grateful to have you here!

  • Spoiler

    Kaguya has silver hair

    Can’t wait to see that in the February episodes of Naruto Shippuden.

    • shaddrag

      February? Lol, there’s fillers in January, there’s still Guy vs. Madara and then Naruto and Sasuke vs. Madara, and THEN Kaguya, at least March/April.

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    Working way harder than copy-pasteisland 😉

    • TheGameTagerZ

      CTRL + C, CTRL + V Island :p

  • Hagoromo Otsutsuki

    Great work! 😀

  • shaddrag

    “Also look forward to reliving the story up to the latest Anime episodes!”

    Seriously? If they don’t end the Manga storyline with this game, they are complete idiots.

    • micheal johnson

      They will, keep in mind the game is a long way from release the anime will most likely catch up to 700 before summer

      • shaddrag

        Yeah, but then why talk about the Anime like it’s still gonna be running when the game releases?

        If it is, it will be filler and that never makes it into games.

        • micheal johnson

          Yes but keep in mind it’s guaranteed to cover the last movie, so after that all they have to do is make a cutscene for 700 with all the ninja as adults and give their last counterparts an extra costume (though hokage naruto should be his own character) and maybe add as a bonus boruto as a playable character (especially considering his mini manga and movie are coming next year). There’s a lot less they have to do in terms of story this time around (most of the battles took place in the same stage) so I’m sure they’ll cover the manga til the end. Though I wish they would have added some characters earlier like dosu and the sound 4 earlier.

          • shaddrag

            Nah, I think it should cover up until 699 and save all future content for another game. Get the current time events correct and perfect and forget about trying to do too much.

            I don’t mind The Last version of Naruto being playable, but dabbling into the story/characters is going to put less attention on the actual story of Storm 4, which needs to be done right and with 110% commitment.

            • micheal johnson

              There a lot less story to do this time around and they’ve already done a lot of it. That one chapter and movie won’t be enough to justify another game especially since all it offers is 2-3 new playable characters and some costumes. Adding the last chapter stuff really won’t take much, just a cutscene and some added costumes/characters. the overl game won’t suffer from this addition it may take slightly longer but by the time it’s implemented everything else will be pretty much finished, also the story mode will already be shorter than storm 3

  • Akirascreaming

    damn the news you produce are awesome others are too slow lol 😀

  • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

    As always guys, Thank you for all translations! you guys rock~

  • I don’t see why people are going so crazy over this to be honest; It’s kind of a given that things like Six Paths Madara and Jinchuriki Obito will be playable.

  • Enturax/Turbotrup

    Thanks, as if we didn’t realize he would be in the game while there is already the final battle between Naruto and Sasuke on the game’s logo alone…

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    !!!SPOILERS!!! (Though I dunno why your looking at this game since it spoilers some of the manga)

    For Night Guy/Night Moth, do you think it’ll show Madara’s rip cage being broken, the gigantic hole on/in his side, or both??

    • micheal johnson

      i doubt it will show anything too graphic, keep in mind they dint show this for kisame (nor did they show his decapitation) or his being eaten by sharks. storm i not that graphic of a series, and not because of hardware limitations its just the naruto of the franchise they want it to be good to play for all ages

  • )))Travis))) ( Chihaya)

    Wow you guys work fast! I’m new to this website. A friend recommended it to me from Sayian Island. Keep up the good work guys! ^^

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    hmmm that cosplayer got madaras hair color wrong

  • Lol I wonder if sayian island with copy/paste all of this information and print at the bottom

  • Its funny because I noticed the cosplaying thing too and though Six Paths Madara confirmed! But since Rinnegan Sasuke and Six Paths Sage Mode Naruto appeared after Madara’s transformation it’s only obvious we get him. Thanks for the translations as always anyway though SGZ, keep up the hard work all of you! Thanks again.

  • Holo the Wise Wolf

    Well Madara Jinchuuriki pretty much been confirmed from the 1st scan. Now this just gives it away even more. Naruto & Sasuke got there powers After Madara went into jinchuuriki form.

    Also thank you for always coming out with HQ scans so fast. You going to have alot of work in the future When the game gets closer. Good luck! I wish for the best for all of you who works here!

  • TheUchihaHawk

    Great website with exclusive translations, keep up the good work! I just have a small issue, your site updates doesn’t come up on your twitter account (while saiyan island does shareseach new update on FB and Twitter), and I can’t receive tweet notifications, so please fix this! :’)

  • Guest


    It’s about playable characters, someone high up replay so I can tell ya who!!

    • Griffin

      What did you find out?

      • DI

        hi there mod can I talk to you for a second about something that happened with my other account and this site?

  • saiyanisland

  • I wonder if the adult versions of the characters will be playable? Or at least Adult Hokage Naruto.
    And Bolt would be interesting as a playable character. He could be like Hanabi was in the PS2 games and have Naruto step in for his Ultimate Justu, and then have a moveset similar to pre-Rasengan Part 1 Naruto.