Check out the First Gameplay Clip for One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3


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  • Guest

    Keep it up guys

  • Bartolomeo

    This is most likely Fishman Island.
    Improved graphics, looks smoother, enemies are stunted nice updates however, moveset is the same excluding the Grizzly Magnum and Gum Gum Balloon.

    Hope they add more modes in the game and bring back quick time events. It will be nice if the scene where Luffy knocks out 50,000 fish man with Conqueror’s Haki was a quick time event.

    • Dmankey

      I hope they test out vs mode agian I havent had a dynasty warriors styled vs mode ever since gundam musou 2

  • Fire Fang Blitz

    You know, It’s really hard to see a difference in graphics in this compared to pirate warriors 2 unless someone makes a comparison Vid.

    Also, I hope the Boss battles in this game have more substance compared to the previous two.

    • Fire Fang Blitz

      Wait, Nevermind.
      It’s definitely an improvement in graphics. 🙂
      However, gameplay looks like it’s going to be repetitive again 🙁

      • Omega.R

        Just like the storm series :/

        • Buru

          I don’t get why people complain that the games are all the same with some updates. what were you guys expecting??

          • Xpert_Sigma

            I was expecting a different feel. It’s hard to explain but when i get a good sequel it feels better almost as if a new engine was used. All storm games feel exactly the same but with new rules. Pirate Warriors 2 felt completely different from Pirate warriors 1.

      • Kiera

        Its a Warriors, Gameplay has to be this.

      • Buru

        Bruh, it’s only 20 seconds…
        There is more to come

  • Brendan

    We need quick time events

    • Bartolomeo

      That’s what I said, lol

      • Buru

        Yeah!! we need quick time events!!

  • Lifestreamer

    I wanted a gauge to the “Busoushoku:koka” state, where you can switch on and off, in order to expand Luffy’s moveset in various branchs.

    • Peyton Killingsworth

      im pretty sure you can switch it on and off. it says on the wiki

  • Kiera

    Looks exacrly like I excepted, better Graphics, better Animations. The Moveset is like PW 2 with some new Moves, hope there is a POssibility to “learn” new Moves.

  • KidKojack

    It’s a LQ video, yet I could immediately see the improvement in graphics and textures.

  • Luffy’s moveset is almost the same as the one from Pirate Warriors 2 ;_;

  • I feel the hype

  • British_Otaku

    This is the next generation of fodder. >_>

  • DI

    guys did you see the dragon ball heroes jm8 scans that came out a week ago? are you planning to translate them?

  • bleadze

    When is dis coming out??