Latest Dragon Ball Xenoverse Scans Feature Frieza, Cell and Majin Buu More Evil and Powerful than Ever


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    • Wellington Martinez


  • Elsepa

    I actually like what they re doing, the villains look really badass.It also gives me the impression that they turn into ruthless killing machines.

    • micheal johnson

      weren’t they like that already? they do look cool though, but the in game models should have the longer red eyes.

      • Elsepa

        Well , they weren’t like that . I mean if Frieza went all out on Goku at 50% he would have destroyed him . If cell wanted he could have wiped everyone out at the cell games and Buu was taking naps , you know what i mean?

        • micheal johnson

          yeah but still cell and buus sole purpose was to kill, the only reason they didn’t do it immediately is because it was more fun when suffering, battles, and fear were involved. frieza wanted power and would kill anything that stood in his way but still wanted it to be more enjoyable. so they aren’t mindless but they are killing machines.

          • Elsepa

            Thats exactly what i think will be changed ,they will go straight for the kill, no mercy.

            • micheal johnson

              yeah me to, sadly it makes them more boring though, i hope they switch up the motives and plot a little bit other than villans turn into mindless zombies

              • Elsepa

                Lets just wait and see how things turn out, looks good so far.

  • Ace

    just came from saiyanisland and the mods are bunch of douches

  • DI

    guys did you see the dragon ball heroes jm8 scans that came out a week ago? are you planning to translate them?

  • DeathPointZ

    Oh boy. These battles ain’t gonna be easy are they?

    • J.J


    • 「They’ll be fine as long as they don’t have Super Armor, then they’ll be really annoying.」

  • AzIz

    There is this guy …and this guy ! … this guy too ! lol , Cell’s face looks really good in that screenshot .. also , even great ape Vegeta O_o

    • Emmanuel Casseus

      ofc. What other reason would we have to fight great ape lol.

  • AzIz

    the official site just updated , can you translate it ? it’s looks like there is some news here …

  • APimpNamedRoshi

    this place is better than saiyan island for sure

  • macdaddymario

    Looks like Lapis (#17’s real name) is punching a hole through Trunks chest in that screen shot..

  • bleadze

    This is nice Sayian island looks better the layout but this updates faster they both serve they purpose