Latest JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Scan Reveals Jotaro, Josuke, Caesar & Noriaki


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  • AzIz


  • P*$$4 $UcK3r

    Muda muda!!!

  • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)


  • Haru Onodera

    You know the rest game scan name?

  • micheal johnson

    I just finished part 1 and I have to say this is a good series. I also watched the games iteration of it and was slightly dissapointed, but they had the best characters so I can’t complain. I have a lot of catching up to do though if I want to understand who the rest to these characters are.

    • viaxon6 .

      Part 1? It’s just 4 volumes, and there are even no stands :/

      • micheal johnson

        Well it actually was 5, and I don’t know what you mean by stands

        • viaxon6 .

          You see, hamon in JoJo is almost nothing. The ‘main dish’ are stands, and in this game (EoH) maybe 4 or 5 character uses Hamon)

  • Trafalgar Law

    Hopefully Kira is still in the game. He’s my favorite villain in the series.

    • I`m pretty sure he is going to be in it! Probably normal Kira Over Kawajiri, but I would prefer both! Nyoho-!

  • E.O.H

    Offical Site is up

    • Yep I translated it all and the post will be up very soon :)!

      • AzIz

        hi Jack ! , i just notice this in the official website , , can you ask them about English version very soon as possible ? if it’s just month or two i can wait , but i can’t wait so long like ASB , a lot of fans want English release and i’m sure it’ll sell very well if it’s near the Japanese release so …

  • P Gilz

    Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure third person brawl game confirmed.

  • Lifestreamer

    Just give me my fave: Gyro.

  • DIO

    SCARY MONSTERS!!! this is so awesome, my favourite series is getting another game