Hiroshi Matsuyma Talks About Storm 4, Previous Storm Games, Steam, Naruto’s Ending & More


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  • Cc2 admitted their mistake. Awesome.

  • Akura32

    CC2 needs to make a character all with different forms for one slot that way we have room more characters

    • Or just customizable movesets like the Dragon Ball games. One character slot, X amount of costumes, 10+ different moveset combinations.

    • MoatsG

      Putting all the different versions of a character (different combos) in a single slot on the character select screen will not somehow make room for more characters. Slots don’t work that way. If there are 5 Narutos with 5 completely different movesets, they are
      still separate characters regardless of if they share the same slot. However if their combos (not just jutsu and ultimates) are completely customizable, that would be a much better idea and will actually make Naruto one character. But that still won’t “make room” for more characters. It’s not like their running out of space. They add who they can add in the time allotted.

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    Still no article about the trailer.

    What gives?

    • It’s been posted since this morning.

      • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

        Sometimes posts don’t show up when you click on main site.You have to go to archive and then look it in there…and well sometimes they are not even there.Not sure if that’s only me tho.

        • micheal johnson

          you have to refresh the homepage freuently

  • I want to know something. In the previous Storm games, and Ultimate Ninja for that matter, you’d be able to unlock special bonuses by having save data from the previous games. Now, unless there’s a “Naruto Storm: Definitive Collection” in the works for PS4 and Xbone, this won’t be the case with Storm 4.
    I wonder, though, if network connection could be implemented.
    For example, with Grand Theft Auto V’s jump to the new generation, players are able to import their online characters through their PlayStation Network/Xbox Live and Rockstar Social Club account. Could we possibly see the “cross save” feature use trophy/achievement recognition to unlock characters and extra in-game money? And, for the reason I used GTA as an example, could we potentially see the return of Network Clones and be able to port them to the new consoles?
    It’s a lot to ask, but I have a lot of questions.

    • Bdock3601

      Cross save really only worked out because it’s the same game, if anything they could use trophy data

  • If anything last characters will be awesome!

  • EBKbrothersInTime

    Of only I could meet him..

  • Bdock3601

    This game is gonna be awesome

  • tylerc23

    Why did he say that they didn’t realize that the NA and EU didn’t care about Story as much and that they got feedback from Gen. and Rev. and people were saying “Where’s the story elements” and so Storm 4 is going to have an in-depth story!

    I love the story but he completely contradicts himself

    • Bdock3601

      He said that he didn’t realize that NA and EU cared about story like the Japanese did

  • Arale Norimaki

    Add Arale ?……..