Dragon Ball Xenoverse: Jump Festa Trailer is Here


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  • Damn this looks beast

  • micheal johnson

    giant nappa! and a whole bunch of intresting what if scenerios this trailer was worth waiting for. i wonder if mira is a playable character because they havent shown him fighting yet, but nevertheless all the other characters look great. to think we have 1 month to go and theres still more to be revealed character wise, stage wise, and we have barely seen a glimpse of the story!

    • Guest

      I’d imagine Mira is going to probably be a playable character. In the trailer at about 3:20 you can see Mira and he’s got some bruises and blood on him. I imagine that that’s where you are going to first fight him. So it’s probably safe to say that he’s going to be a playable character, of course this is still all speculation.

    • GadgetBuster

      This trailer is a multi scroll of the story and the scond trailer was what you will be doing with your created character and the first one was just an announcement which got me intreasted in it in stead of saying “I’m not gonna pay any attention to another Dragon Ball Z game so what ever this is i’m not gonna look up on the updates”. Its a good thing i love Dragon Ball Z so much.

    • Jordan Maurice

      Hey what system are you getting this for if ps4 whats your psn I know i csntcadd you right now because of the hack also if ps3 add me as well same name I might pick it up on both consoles ps4 definetly though Skull-kingJQ

      • micheal johnson

        I’m probably getting it for PS3, id like to say my psn id is mjohn0495 but I’ll have to wait and check to be sure

      • micheal johnson


  • DeathPointZ

    Now I can settle the score with Mira once and for all!

  • P Gilz

    Day 1 buy for me! ^__^

    • Jordan Maurice

      Midnight release for me hopefully

  • gokuvegeta45678

    O_O yessssssssssssss

  • Jar Gem