JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven – First PV is Here


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  • Diver Down

    Thanks guys. Amazing, but is it a tag team fighting game or a 3D beat’em up?

    • Benkohack D.

      its both probably…like jstars

  • micheal johnson

    Surprisingly long for a first trailer.

  • My demo impressions (w/ pictures) will be uploaded soon! Please wait and enjoy when it is posted!! 😀

  • EliteTrainerXeos

    So everything else has gotten gameplay footage except Storm 4.

    Well this is disappointing.

    • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

      wasn’t there some footage of Hashirama vs Madara and a trailer??

      • P Gilz

        Yes. .__.

        • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

          Why do i see so many people whining about there being no material from Storm 4 then, wtf.Both PW3 and JoJo too received only trailers + bit of gameplay as well.

          • P Gilz

            I guess it’s because they want more lol. And I see your point.

  • micheal johnson

    also j-patrol has released an intro video theyre promising an interview for XV, Storm 4, and more.

  • Hopefully the pre order option opens soon on play asia. Im dying to play this!

  • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

    So… It’s kinda like a Jojo only J-Stars?
    looks cool!