Naruto Storm 4 Jump Festa 2015 Interview


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  • Buru

    No One Piece interview?

    • Guest

      doesn’t seem so bro

    • Omega.R

      We don’t need it, the game is crap anyway :/

      • Konyaro (ﺧ益ﺨ)

        Weird way of saying that the game is going to be the best from all upcoming anime games.I guess you’re just shy!

        • Guest

          lol XD

          • Sound 7

            One Piece needs a 1 vs 1 game like ninja storm
            That would be awesome!! 😀

            • Bartolomeo

              Am I the only one that thinks an OP fighter is kinda off.
              I mean I wouldn’t mind it but does it really fit?

              When I hear fighter I think DB or Naruto but when it comes to OP I think adventure.
              If any I think OP games should be like Kingdom Hearts or something.
              But of course, that’s just my opinion ^^

              • Buru

                I kinda like how that sounds

  • micheal johnson

    Sergiom3 has a new video showing off the customization character clothing models