Super Saiyan 4 Goku

Modder Finds More Hidden Costumes Inside Dragon Ball Xenoverse Beta


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  • AzIz


  • ↁᗩ૪ᘮᙢ

    yeah nice

    Sadly 2 comments

  • RedDragon10

    That starred post about the naruto movie spoilers always makes me think that the site hasn’t been updated because I never scroll down. Little do I know that I’m behind a couple of days of info

    • KyyDragon

      I had that feel too for awhile.

  • DI

    so dabura, uub, cooler soldiers, gt trunks and kaioshin confirmed?

    • bleadze

      I hope there’s a gt vegeta!!! Cause there’s a lot of costunes for every character

      • DI

        Hope so too i want to wear his pants

    • micheal johnson

      Just their outfits, i doubt them being in unless they reveal the character keep in mind general blue, devil man, and the mummy are there too and none of them will make an appearance most likely.

      • DI

        but dabura and uub are main characters and they are making frieza soldiers so why not coolers? also kaioshin was playable on budokai games

        • micheal johnson

          Idk why weren’t zarbon, dodoria, or cui in the livestream roster but raspberry and appule were? Some canon characters won’t be in the game because of the variety of the roster. I’m not saying that dabura uub or cooler soldier won’t be playable but plenty of characters that have outfits there won’t be so we can’t confirm anything especially since we’ve not seen any of them in any promo material and the game is little over a month from release.

          • DI

            the roster wasnt complete so we dont know if they are in or not which I doubt they arent cause they are main characters in the frieza saga

  • DeathPointZ

    Amazing! 😀


    sergio is back =D