Dragon Ball Xenoverse Website Update Details On Classes’ Characterization


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  • KyyDragon

    I know who I’ll be making.

  • son goku

    my main gonna be saiyan my 2nd will be frieza race

  • Buru

    I wanna be a saiyan so I can be like “Now tell me, does a machine like you ever experience fear?”

  • Akirascreaming

    WOW no wonder I pre ordered lol

  • AzIz


  • Im going frieza

    • Guest

      Hi bro

  • Jordan Maurice

    So yall see the hairstyle the guy has in the jumpsuit with purple thats the hairstyle I want thats the one I had in dbo but I didnt see it in any gameplays or in the network test but they keep showing of that picture I seen one that looks similar but its not the same

  • truthteller

    “You can customize …..and physique”
    Umm not for male majins you can’t, they have to be fat.