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  • Whatchadointherebro

    Is this game good?? I’m thinking about getting this.

    • Dick Grayson

      If you get it digitally i’d gameshare jstars with you if you don’t have it.

      • TheGameTagerZ

        Sorry about before the word “Dick” is censored here so that’s why your comments weren’t going through.

        • Dick Grayson

          it’s alright I was wondering lol knew it had to be the name.

    • EBKbrothersInTime

      It. Is. AMAZING!… to me it is anyway, Hajime no Ippo is my favorite anime and manga currently, I’ve re-watched it 4 times already! Lol! It has one flaw that I’ve seen so far and that is that there aren’t a whole lot of combos, so you tend to spam or repeat over and over, but honestly that hasn’t taken away any of the fun for me. 🙂

  • roockie112

    any chances on the skills being translated ?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Sadly no, that would take up a lot of our time.

  • SnaKou

    Thank you very much for this ! Did you plan on making translations of the skills ? It will be really helpfull !

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Too many skills to translate sorry..

    • projektrf

      Someone roughly translated them in a forum. Didn’t seem like it would take that long >_>
      洞察力 (Insight) – Opponent flashes during attack to indicate counter opportunities
      タフネス I (Toughness I) – Slight increase to max HP
      タフネス II (Toughness II)
      タフネス III (Toughness III)
      リザーブタンク I (Reserve Tank I) – Slight increase to max Stamina
      呼吸法 I (Breath Control I) – Slight increase to HP and Stamina restoration
      ガードブレイク I (Guard Break I) – Slight increase to damage against Guard Gauges
      ヒートアップ I (Heat Up I) – Slight increase to Burning Heart gauge gain
      ディフェンス I (Defense I) – Slight increase to defense strength
      根性 (Guts) – Defense strength increases gradually each time you get downed
      ヘッドハンター I (Head Hunter I) – Slight increase to jab and straight damage
      フック強化 I (Hook Strengthen I) – Slight increase to hook damage
      ボディーブロー強化 I (Body Blow Strengthen I) – Slight increase to body blow damage
      ボディーブロー強化 II (Body Blow Strengthen II)
      サンデーパンチ強化 I (Sunday Punch Strengthen I) – Slight increase to Sunday Punch damage
      サンデーパンチ強化 II (Sunday Punch Strengthen II)
      カウンター強化 I (Counter Strengthen I) – Slight increase to counter damage
      カウンター強化 II (Counter Strengthen II)
      肉への渇望 I (Craving for Meat I) – Large increase to offensive ability when a fighter takes head state damage (Sawamura only)
      肋骨強打 I (Rib Blow I) – Easier to damage the opponent’s body state
      会長の激励 (Coach’s Encouragement) – HP recovers by a fixed amount after standing up from a down (Ippo only)
      精神折リ (Spirit Break) – Opponent’s down avoidance skill is disabled
      燃え尽きぬ炎 (Flame Burning Out) – Opponent’s Burning Heart skill is disabled
      鉄壁の守り (Impregnable Defense) – Get a large increase in defensive power when an opponent’s offense is increased
      突貫 (Rush) – Get a large increase in offensive power when an opponent’s defense is increased

      • spartacus

        many thanks!!!

  • spartacus

    Thanks for this! Also if anyone can make a translation for the options menu to make the difficulty changable. many thanks

  • Mehmet ALBAYRAK

    Thank you very much and translattion file for: [email protected]

    • ICEDA

      how can i have this translation on my game? and do i have to hack it??

      • Floyd Albert Santos

        you don’t need to have a hacked ps3, but won’t have all the translation that the hacked ps3 can.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You should have credited us at least.

  • ;^}

    Slow, but it takes a bit of time. Translating the skill list is easy, too.

    Although, a lot of the complicated letters can’t be read because the resolution, lighting and camera quality won’t be able to pick up the millimetre differences in the symbols strokes.

Developer(s) Bandai Namco Games
Publisher(s) Bandai Namco Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 3
Release date(s) (JP)December 11, 2014
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Mode(s) Single-player