Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission 2 Fusions

In 3DS

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  • DI

    if only xenoverse had those what ifs

    • bleadze

      Tou stole the words out my mouth lool

  • DesiGamer2005

    No SSJ4 Gogeta?

    • DI

      no he is gonna be introduced this month and that game was released a couple of months ago

  • RedDragon10

    Android 16 and Super 17 huh? And wow, they even made ultra buu playable totally forgot about him

  • P Gilz

    What about Tien and Yamcha?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      They don’t exist in this game.

      • P Gilz

        Oh okay.

    • Guest

      I always loved how Tiencha looked like a middle aged balding man.