JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven Development Progress Is At 20%


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  • Mitsunari Ishida

    When is this game suppose to come out?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      It only mentions 2015 so I would have to guess that it would be late 2015 if the game is only 20% finished.

    • The release date is completely unknown but my own personal guess is around August of this year!

  • AzIz

    i’m hoping all characters from ASB returning ( including DLC ) , and a lot of new characters , that would be awesome !!

    • Yeah I`m pretty sure we are getting every character from ASB plus a couple new ones!! I am so excited for it, the demo was great but I couldn’t play as Diego so I am so excited to try one of my faves out!

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    I wonder if this localized version will have a physical release.

  • P Gilz

    Wow 20%! That’s we will have lots of characters to play with. O_O