ShonenGamez: J-Stars Victory Vs. + Mini Interview


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  • Ezequiel Ramirez

    Shame they don’t have characters from Boku No hero Academia. That’s a pretty good anime so far… then again not really that deep into it to make a full fledged character.

    • Jamele Lawrence

      There’s only 25 chapters…its too new to be placed in an Allstar game..

    • Guest

      It’s not even an anime yet, it’s still a manga. Sorry that was bugging me, had to point it out. Also this games already been out since March, Boku No Hero Academia wasn’t even around when this game was released. Plus they mentioned in the interview that they don’t have any plans on adding any new series into the game, and Boku No Hero Academia, like Jamele already mentioned only has 25 chapters. Honestly there wouldn’t really be much point in adding any character from that series to be put in.

    • I love that series! Just bought the 2nd book from the store last week. J-Stars will not have anything new even if they managed to grab any licenses. I think the plus version will just gain the above mentioned modes and balances and a few cut characters and maybe some new characters (just so the new characters may head to the plus version if they release it to Japan).

  • bleadze

    As long as it’s the same characters as the one I bought from Japan for my PS3 then am not phased no need to get it cuZ sad part is even if they add just two characters I’ll be forced to get it for. My ps4

  • Whatchadointherebro

    If they add more characters, then I’ll get the game again.

    • Jordan Maurice

      Im getting it again because its going next gen I kinda wish I didnt get the anison edition on ps3 now though

  • Kiera

    Thanks for the Interview, I hope they don’t have to cut manx Characters. Hope a second One will come out 2016.

  • roronoa zoro

    I really hope that things go good so we can get new characters

    • Ikki Minami

      Like you (;

      • roronoa zoro


        • Ikki Minami

          i want to play as zoro…

  • DI

    So no new characters but they are gonna cut characters? Well im saving my money for other things

    • TheGameTagerZ

      “we’re just working to get as many of the original characters/franchises in the western release as possible”

      In other words, they’re trying to get all of them if possible.

      • DI

        Still gonna cut and not gonna add so not gonna buy it

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Well we’ll revisit your comment months later and see if that’s true. I wouldn’t make assumptions like this just yet.

          • DI

            they said it themselves how am I asumming?

            • TheGameTagerZ

              You’re assuming because the way this was said was more of “well we’re focusing on getting everyone right now” meaning that those come before getting anyone new but they said there’s no plans to bring any new characters right now.

              So yeah, you’re basing off an assumption that hasn’t even been confirmed or even closely confirmed with their statement.

              • DI

                “There is no plan in place for any new license to be added, we’re just working to get as many of the original characters/franchises in the western release as possible” the last time I checked theres no plan in place for any new whatever to be added meant that you are not gonna add anything new but if you wanna believe that what they say is not true good for you

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  I’m going at the assumption you made about cut characters earlier which was a rumor from one person’s post on NeoGaf.

                  That’s all I’m basing the argument on. That’s the part where I said you made an assumption. I’m not talking about if they’re bringing anything new to the table or not.

                • Ikki Minami

                  The company is basically saying because of how time/resource consuming it is to get the original licenses they will focus on that then go from there meaning they don’t want to promise people things like “we are adding ssj3 goku” because then if they end up not doing that then people will get angry

                  In other words they might cut people but also add people its up to how much they can manage before release

          • CrownedKing623

            It’s a game based on JAPANESE comics. Why would they add more characters exclusively for other counties? The localization of this game is pointless. They think localizing it is smart cos of how it sold in Japan. But import gamers helped make the sales numbers so high. And we won’t waste our money on just a translation.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Not everyone imported. People waited to see if this game would come over and they did. Also if you check pretty much any J-Stars forum people who already imported are considering to buy it again for either support or to finally understand the story. Not to mention the online mode will be a lot better now that it’s coming overseas.

              I know the game is based on Weekly Shonen Jump. There’s a “+” in the title for a reason. If it was only the arcade mode then Jojo ASB would of been called Jojo All Star Battle +.

  • Accelerator

    This might be a bit mean but I do sorta hope they cut out characters such as: Taro Yamada and the millitary guy…I don’t mind korosensei since he doesn’t have a comedic moveset but both the other guys I’m not too bothered though if they end up cutting Tsuna and Oga I probably won’t buy it.

    • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

      Ryotsu (policeman) has been in shonen jump for over 40 years. Manga still ongoing. They wouldn’t cut him.

  • Zoro Uchiwa

    quelle sera la difference entre l’ancien et le nouveau j-star victory versus +

    • Chupa Tony

      Tout ce qu’on sait pour l’instant c’est l’ajout d’un mode arcade et un équillibrage.
      Et ecrit pas en francais sur un sit US steuplait cest mal poli.

  • Cephrien

    If this game is getting a balance tweek then I’ll give it another shot. Cuz jesus christ was this game hopelessly broken and utterly stupid.

  • Břk Mõhãmêď

    I hope that people do not forget Hama

  • Břk Mõhãmêď

    I hope that you do not forget to sawada tsuna