Dragon Ball Xenoverse Delayed in North America – Bandai Namco Confirms (UPDATED)


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  • shaddrag

    It’s better this way, Ubisoft could learn a few things from them.

    • LastAndroid32

      It’s one week dude. Also Ubisoft has delayed plenty of their games.

      • shaddrag

        Not enough, apparently.

    • PuR3 R4G3

      cough cough Assassins Creed Unity cough

      • shaddrag

        Lol, you should go see the doctor 😛 Got a nasty cough there.

  • DI

    japan too? well at least they wanna give us a finished product instead of what most companies do these days releasing incomplete games and releasing lots of dlcs and patches later

    • Japan is unknown. It was an error. We apologize.

      • DI

        lol I saw this on saiyan island before I came here and they didnt say anything about japan and I thought it was their mistake

      • Xicor

        i have a question do you guys get the next v-jump scans next week im just wondering since i dont know when they get released

  • Jose Morales

    when the new vjump magazine get released? It is this week?

    • Yasser

      Well it will officially release on 21st as always but we should get early leaks 5 days before maybe or even 10 like last time.