Dragon Ball Xenoverse Demo Now Available Throughout PS4 Shops In Japan


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  • FrenzyBurn

    wooooow Japan

  • DI

    Its been available in america since friday or saturday too

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yup forgot to add that in thanks.

  • KyyDragon

    But is it on psn? And I’m guessing they mean we’d have to go up to a store like Gamestop and play it there…………

    • TheGameTagerZ

      If it was on PSN we would of put PSN…

      • KyyDragon

        It was rhetorical…

  • AzIz

    why not in PSN ? fck Bandai

    • KyyDragon

      My point exactly. Why can’t they just give us that demo?

    • Romero Santos

      Stop crying.

      • hipten

        you say stop crying, but for real where is the demo they could really just give us the demo they have in stores they could even give us less then what the gamestop demo has and that would still be ok

        • Guest

          I don’t think they would want to give us the demo they have in stores, just because they don’t want us having to much stuff in it, that we might not go out and buy the game. Also, we probably won’t get a demo till after the game gets released, at least that’s what they mentioned in the live stream, that if they were to do a demo, it would most likely be after the games release.

          • KyyDragon

            But that’s not true. The demo only has, like, 2 stages and hardly any chars on it compared to what the full game has. And if that’s really the problem, just take off a couple of chars and give us that. For God’s sake, BoZ was and ONLINE demo. And people who had the demo were able to play with people that bought the full game. Now that was a big risk, and yet it still worked. If a rookie dbz company like ArtDink could pull it off, veterans like DIMPS can too.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              What the guy said isn’t incorrect. Had they given us a demo like the one in GameStop that could be a potential loss in sales. Yes obviously this demo isn’t the full game but there’s a reason for everything. The way you think isn’t what everyone else thinks. A demo with that many characters and a vs mode wont really go in Namco’s favor. There’s people out there who wont buy a game because their favorite characters play terrible and there are people out there who play a demo and if they didn’t like it they’ll cancel their pre-order.

              BOZ was an online demo with like 2-3 characters. Compared to Xenoverse it isn’t a good example unless you want to point out it was an online demo but the whole point of the game was to play online with friends.

              • dahhhhh

                dahhh me millenial…dahhhh demoz iz r bad.
                dahh haaa fck teh conndsumur…..dahhhh


            • Jordan Maurice

              Um actually yoy couldnt play with people in the full game in the demo but you could hack it to unlock tien yamcha vegeta raditz nappa and saibamen

          • Jordan Maurice

            Bruh questions will be answered in the second livestream stay tuned

        • AzIz

          yeah , even Battle of Z got a Demo , there isn’t any reason not to release the Demo in PSN while it’s already finished , but you know some babies always think they’re cool and funny haha

      • AzIz

        funny as always Romero <3

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Vegeta look, it’s a pokémon.

  • LegitPerson

    Not too much longer from the release anyways, unless they decide to do another delay.

  • P Gilz

    So you only can play the demo if you have a PlayStation 4? .__.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      No, the stores you go to will have a PS4 demo.

      • P Gilz

        Oh okay. Thanks.

  • Lucian

    Anyone think there’s a chance of last gen consoles getting a demo before the release?


    People calm down we will get a demo before or after release so don’t worry

  • WiseOne

    Demo plese! God willing

  • Tru Bacca

    Oh boo-hoo! We’re not getting a psn demo. At least u guys have a chance at getting one. I have an Xbox 360

  • xenoverse demo fan

    #DragonBallXenoverseDemo for demo on PSN