New One Piece MMO Goes into Closed Beta Today

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  • Kurae

    is this that Naruto mmo game except One Piece style?

  • Guest

    Oh, OP version of that Bleach/Naruto terrible mmo from past? sorry but, no thanks! >D

  • Gray Aria

    Okay, back to Pirate Warriors 3.

    • roronoa zoro

      Or they should at least make something a little bit better than that they should remake pirates carnival

  • roronoa zoro

    Instead of making a mmo one if you wanna make a bad one piece remake pirates carnival

  • Ahtma

    Garbage! From King Garbage! Of the Garbage Dynasty!

  • lewis beechey

    I would be it okay with it being like Ultimate Naruto or whatever the hell they called it as long as they don’t add as many stupid gimmicks where you need to pay for like 3 of them.

  • Guest

    This site is gay, and this site is lame.
    Almighty sayain island

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You mean the website that posted the Naruto and Xenoverse scans? The one that gets translations and early scans?


      Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

      • Guest

        Don’t respond to my comment if you can’t take my opinion. Bye

        • TheGameTagerZ

          We ban trolls here.

          Play nice.

          • Guest

            I’m not trolling, you go somewhere else and stop messaging me.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              “This site is gay, and this site is lame.Almighty sayain island”

              Not trolling?

  • JonathanisPrimus

    Is this an official game? It doesn’t look very good and there’s no mention of Shueshia, Oda or Toei on the site.

  • Danny123100

    Ah, saw this and was hoping for a pretty decent One Piece MMO. Maybe one day.