Up To Four Characters Can Kizuna Rush At Once In One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 and More


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  • TheGameTagerZ

    To see the finer details just open the image in a new tab or copy image url and paste it on a tab.

  • Neferpitou :3

    Moves from manga and movies? now that’s awesome! i hope they majorly update most, or at least some of important characters that didn’t have best movesets in previous games ~w~ although these scans are mostly recap, it’s still awesome to see Kuro being in it.Anyways, thanks as always for your good work SGZ! keep it going on >DD

    • Guest

      I’ll be damned if this game doesn’t sell

      • akshaykhan

        But the two part 2 an 1 was awesome by selling the games better than naruto

  • Kurae

    I knew it!! I knew that move was from Film Z!!

  • Buru

    Is it so hard to give Zoro, Nami & Usopp outfits they’ve actually worn before

    • Guest

      I was wondering that too. I never understood why they gave basically everyone else their respective costumes, but gave those 3 completely seperate outfits from te get go.

    • Bob Takes Off

      I wish they would include all their outfits since they have different outfits for different arcs

  • Hagaren

    In the very first scan Luffy was doing what seemed to be a Red-Hawk Gattling. Probably an upcoming attack he’ll use, most likely in this arc!

    • Buru

      I keep thinking it’s the finisher for Dolflamingo

      • Hagaren

        I hope so!

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    Wooo Thanks SGZ!
    It doesn’t seem to me that they are playable… but who knows, maybe they announce it later, but it’s weird. I hoped Arlong was playable….
    Now, to the Grand Line!

    • Neferpitou :3

      I’m kinda hoping for some Jaya arc now to be confirmed soon, like beating the crap out of Bellamy before going to Skypiea xD also Banaro Island with Ace vs Blackbeard!

      • Buru

        In the Fujitora gameplay you can see Bellamy’s flag in the loading screen so I think he is in the game. not sure if he is only a boss fight or playable or support

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    I hope they have Arlong,Morgan, Don Kreig,and Kuro as playable characters but I doubt it.

    • Xpert_Sigma

      If tashigi is playable at least kuro arlong and kreig are

  • CyborgFranky

    Hmmm I think the likely-ness of these guys being playable is pretty high. I mean Buggy is also with them and he’s playable, not to mention the mere fact that they went back just to do Kuro’s and Morgan’s arcs definitely says something. I mean if Tashigi can be made playable I don’t see why these 4 BAs can’t be…

  • Kiera

    Sounds good, hope they redone some of the odl modells like Nami and Usopp. Hope also they built in Z and Shiki since they were in Super Grand Battle X.

  • Guest

    There’s a PW3?!?!
    Oh look the graphics look different!!
    Captain Kuro & Morgan?!
    Is the Kizuna Rush a joint combo or something? and does that mean we can switch between characters?

    • Buru

      May I ask where you were 3-4 months ago?

      • Xpert_Sigma

        under a rock

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I’m very happy T_T

  • Emmanuel Casseus

    I hope they have the costumes they wore in Film: Z

    • Ikki Minami

      they had them as dlc in pw2 so i dont see why not

  • One Piece most OP Cap’n Crunch

    So this kind of means you can play as four different characters. Thats if kizuna rush plays as the first pirate warriors partner attack. Then again the first game allowed for a small combo, the second allowed for limited character switch/gameplay and a special, maybe this one will actually allow us to switch and play as different characters during gameplay.

  • Whatchadointherebro

    Can’t wait to Gomu Gomu No Gatling Red Hawk that Doflamingo bast*** in the face!! Really ef**** hate that guy on the show -_-

    • Buru

      He reminds me of Madara for some reason

  • Buru

    I really wanted Koala to make an appearance in this game but thanks to Oda not showing any of her skills, that’s not gonna happen :/

  • Lifestreamer

    I would LOVE to see a Kizuna rush of Cap’n Kuro’s “Shakushi” and Cavendish’s “Hakuba” manifestation, and let hell break loose, the amount of bodies being sliced and diced should be criminal!

    …but the feel of no Cavendish….yet, I hope he appears somehow.

  • Alan Noacep Togente

    I just realized one thing… In the nami’s picture, there is a lot of sand. I don’t remember a lot of sand in Arabasta’s Stage (Rain base) in the previous games… Maybe Arubarna’s outskirts? Where Ussop and Chopper fight Mr 4 & Merry Christmas.

  • alex smith

    i still dont understand why got zoro usopp, and nami in them outfits -_-