Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Game and Battle System Translation


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  • Xicor

    cool first comment and thanks SHONENGAMEZ

  • DI

    I dont get whats with all the tournament mistery I mean you cant even get ring out so I cant imagine anything else but a regular online battle on the tenkaichi budokai arena

    • Jordan Maurice

      Not really its hasnt been said there arent any ring out remember RB2 and had a ring outs option in the tournament mode but you could turn it off also there are preliminary rounds to even qualify

      • DI

        Even thou if there is ring outs then it would be a regular tournament

  • AzIz

    cool , big thanks SG , Sabo time , then i’ll read all this
    *Jack don’t kill me”

    • Xicor

      nice new pic

      • AzIz


    • I don`t kill! I maim >:D!

    • Masashi Hideaki

      dam it hero Y U ALWAYS GO WHERE I AM ? Y U NO DAI

  • PockieNinjaRock

    Thanks Shonengamez You guys Are The BEST!

  • SwAg69

    So you can deepen your relationship with them,then that would be the reason goku appears like a ghost behind CaC when performing Ultimate Kamehameha?Would it be same for every other master?:D

    • Xicor

      the kamehameha is called mentor and student kamehameha

    • Masashi Hideaki

      who knows but as far as joke goes

      if you can deepen your Relationship with 18 then i will deepen it with her

      “if you know what i mean”

    • AzIz

      there is a trophy for Friendship level max with all masters or something like that

    • DI

      Thats the father son kamehameha theres a video with gohan using it and it looks the same but with only one hand

  • Richard

    cool lol.

  • Masashi Hideaki

    yup during the start of this video

    1:00 to 3:00

    My theory were correct! you can spam Death Beam just by keep pressing R2 Down and then press the Death Beam button as you fit!


    fx Meteor Crash if you have lots of Ki ( yellow bar )

    you can Press down R2 and then Meteor Crash button until all of your Ki goes out!

    or to an enormous extent!


    • Buru

      The second vid at 0:36, is he trying to smile?

      • Masashi Hideaki

        1:00 to 1:10

        Freeza’s rape face solos ( humor intended )


    • FrenzyBurn

      i think that is his ki blast

      • Masashi Hideaki

        which ?

        Freeza’s death beam can be used as a spamming skill! as long as you have lots of ki

        and meteor crash can be spammed too as long as you have lots of ki!

        • FrenzyBurn

          the death beam is the only ki based one

          • macdaddymario

            No, we’ve seen that if you hold the button for meteor crash (the 9-ish hit combo super), your character will continue throwing hits until you run yourself out of ki.. which is a great way to extend an already long combo on an opponent that is out of stamina and can’t defend themselves.

          • Masashi Hideaki

            meteor crash is a ki based ( in the sense that it takes ki from you when you use it ) yet you can spam it !

    • Kaineph

      That Frieza’s Supernova in the first video is freaking huge!!!

      • Masashi Hideaki


  • Masashi Hideaki

    actually there could be more attractive stuff regarding shonengameZ

    why dont you hero’s make a “Charracter analysis” “fan-made” databook ?

    by checking up mangas for each Shonen that the heros demand databook for ?

    so they can look it up here to check it for themselves

    as long as shonen showcases the Manga feats / statements and Interview’s of it

    then it would make shonen games more lively ! i would love to see this suggestion come true!

  • AzIz

    lol at Venyuu Force , but i hope there is a lot of what-if transformations like Great Ape Nappa

  • Eternity

    So guys?
    From what we have seen to this time how are you fealling about this game?
    I mean is it going to be really this good to last for a year of gaming and having fun?
    Are we not overhyped a little?
    I know i em Hyped for this game.
    Yee its not perfect but it got strong points as well and come ti think of it there is more good sides than bad.
    I wish this will last for long time and that fans will show suport for this project and were all going to get Xenoverse 2 maybe in the future.
    What You think ? Will it last for a year?
    Your definetly will see me in Toki all time:P

    • Masashi Hideaki

      i am well aware of its flaws

      but the reason why i am hyped is because of its gameplay ( combat system creativity )

      thats why i am Super Saiyan Level – Hype!

      • Eternity

        Yee i fell You Hero.
        Basicly i like just guard when u press guard at that right moment.
        This is going to be nice.
        Allready got good training from tekken when it comes to timing. since Tekken 3 so i think its going to be usefull:P
        But i understand its more deep than this. maitaining ur guard and super meters use items to heal up and mind games with your oponet.
        Ahh good times are coming.

        • Masashi Hideaki

          hmmm looking at your comment:

          “Since Tekken 3 so i think its going to be usefull”

          in Combat system wise Nope

          in reaction-wise ? Ofcourse!

          but yes it will be fun!

          • Eternity

            Yee i ment that reaction-wise part.
            Deamint still need to say im (propably as u all) sad about them trolling with demo.
            They got it but wont let us play it. its not fair at all:P

            • Masashi Hideaki


              let me tell ya something hero!

              i realized that some Skills have “special effects” which lives up to their “In-game” name

              Destructo Disk in this game

              if you Guard my Destructo Disk and it hits you – it will then break your guard no matter what O_O horie shieet!

              • Eternity

                same as makanosappo.
                and still we didnt even see them all. wonder what kind of crazy effect it will be.
                BODY CHANGE!! deam Xd
                Or guildo( or whatever this frog got for name) time stop etc.
                Btw there is silence on Saiyans island i see:)

                • Masashi Hideaki

                  does it do the same :O ? it would be too op if it does O_O???!

                  • Eternity

                    maybe but deam fun as well. ok going to play some ps4 mercenary kings now. see you around my love ones. Peace

                    • Masashi Hideaki

                      cya eternity ! DX

    • AzIz

      as you say , it’s great but not perfect , it has some stupid things but still great and enjoyable , i can get used to anything as long as i enjoy the game , i enjoyed the Network Test a lot , so yeah , i’m really hyped for this

    • AzIz

      about Xenoverse 2 , i don’t know , but in Treevax’s last interview with the producer , they said they’ll support this game for like a year with DLC , they’ll try to make a GT story mode , SSJ3 for CACs and stuff like that , maybe more characters too

  • Kaineph

    Customizable combos? Ok I’m done, Xenoverse GOTY
    PS: Thank you very very much Shonengamez!!! ^^

    • macdaddymario

      Don’t get over excited. They were clear that all characters would share the same inputs for combos. The differences would be the animations. One combo for one character may make them teleport and knock the opponent away, while the same combo will do something different for another character.

      The ‘customizable combos’ comes in with being able to chain combos how you wish using the teleport system and linking them with any super attack at your disposal. However it seems possible we may be able to select from a series of different animations.

      • Guardian Byakko

        I seriously hope we can change the animations of our combos beyond being tied down to the same attacks=same races/genders. It’s my only worry about this game, but even if we can change the animation some people will try whatever “seems” the most broke.

        • macdaddymario

          I’m not too worried about it. Even if the animations are locked to race/sex/height/weight/whatever.. the way the combat system works, we’ll be too busy worrying about how best to avoid the next attack to concern ourselves with which animation is playing.

          Seeing as at any moment, the opponent can link a super/ultimate, or teleport at will in the middle of any combo.

      • Kaineph

        That last thing you’ve said is what I was expecting to happen

        • macdaddymario

          I wouldn’t chalk it up as a “for sure” thing just yet though, we haven’t seen anything like that.. be it in the network test, or the live stream from December during the character creation, or shops. That’s all I’m trying to say

          • KyyDragon

            Actually, everything you said is true. The Combo input is the same, but the outcomes are different. The “Custom” combos come from being able to chain them with supers in unique ways. Well, except for the last part about the choosing the outcome. I don’t think that’s possible. I believe it’ll be different per race but same per racial CaC

            • macdaddymario

              Oh I know, I was talking about the changing of the animations from a ‘list’ part.

  • Bob Takes Off

    Does this game have quick time events?

    • Buru

      Oh hell no

      • Masashi Hideaki

        we aint needing quick time event righty !?

  • Shingi Yukari17

    Still no demo info

    • AzIz

      there is a Demo in Gamestop , but i don’t think they’ll release it on PSN , because they’re bakas

      • Masashi Hideaki


        • AzIz


          • Masashi Hideaki


          • Masashi Hideaki


    • galeon

      they cant make a full dmeo until the game is done

  • micheal johnson

    Thank you guys

  • Mitsunari Ishida

    Shonengamez do you know if NA will be getting a demo?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Sadly no. I actually doubt a demo is coming because of the beta test we were able to partake in.

  • I think the online tournament is a place where we get to fight each other to get rewards depending on our rank in the leaderboards.

  • Unknown1?

    @shonengamez will guys be getting the Japanese game to show

  • DeathPointZ

    Well this was very informal, thanks.

  • DeathPointZ

    So is anyone once get this game after creating their character is going to take a pic of him/her and set it as their profile pic?

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    So we can co op with friends in story mode?

    • Ichigo-VastoLorde


    • AzIz

      nope , but in parallel quests yes

    • Guest

      Nope, story mode is single player, which is Time Patroller mode. Parallel Quests will be co-op though. The Parallel Quests were the quests in the beta where we fought alongside Raditz, and then there was another one where we fought Yamcha, Krillin, Tien, and then we went and fought against Piccolo and Gohan.

  • Lucian

    So as far as comboing goes, you pretty much make up your own by chaining attacks together. This sounds promising, I like.

  • Masashi Hideaki

    heros! if you dont watch this video before 5 troll mins have gone

    then you will die because of hype!


  • Ikki Minami

    Does anyone know whether customizable characters will be able to transform (ssj/fullpower/etc) in game?
    P.S. I haven’t followed this game that much