Bleach: Brave Souls Website Opens; Translations + First Trailer Debuts


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  • ANiggaNamedSpiderman

    Can you help me pre-register idk Japanese 🙁

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      Type your email in the big box, then check the first check box for terms then the big button that’s it.

      • ANiggaNamedSpiderman

        thanks 🙂

  • If only there was a bleach game for the ps4.. Man..

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      Relax I’m sure there will be, theres already a Naruto, DBZ, and JoJos

      • Enturax/Turbotrup

        But that’s because they’re popular now. While they already quit working on Bleach anime, I doubt we will get some big games of it, y’know.

  • PockieNinjaRock

    No offence’ But this lame!
    they should’ve made ps4 game for bleach instead of this 🙁

    • DI

      if it is gonna be bad no matter what console they make it for it is gonna be bad just look at soul resurrection

      • Enturax/Turbotrup

        SR was fun. It surely lacked better story, better leveling system (attacks looking stronger; Getsuga Tenshou being bigger etc.), being able to transform into bankai and being able to play coop, but still it wasn’t bad.

        • DI

          if the lack of all those things dont make a game bad idk what would make it bad

          • Enturax/Turbotrup

            Gameplay was fine, graphics were good. Character roster wasn’t bad. You also had challenging modes where you could fight against bosses you didn’t meet in the main story.

      • Gamera Love

        now i know why most of these game never make it to the west. almost all of these games make it to outside of japan but only in asian and some of them are very popular plus they make really a lot of money with ios game. i think the problem is in the west most gamers are hardcore gamer unlike here. almost everybody play games, so we like to play game that we can play anytime or anywhere we want,

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      This game looks fun like soul carnival don’t knock it till you try it.

  • Lunos

    Aren’t those the same models from Bleach Soul Carnival? >:( …

    • Carlos Luis Ayala

      Yeah it looks like a sequel or spiritual successor.

  • Gamejtv

    What I don’t understand why they’d make a game taking place so far back in the series

    • micheal johnson

      i do bleach was in the peak of its popularity in the hueco mundo/espada arc and the rest of the manga (other than the full bring arc) hasnt been put into anime form.

  • PurexedSolify ;

    Please for console already this is ridiculous….

  • Random Name

    I sincerely doubt it but is there a way to play this on a U.S. Android? Usually I despise mobile games but I’d like to support the Bleach games as much as I can in the hopes to see it return to home consoles some day.

  • Francesco Esposito

    Hope in a western release, no need translate but hope that will be playable, i’ve alredy registered my mail so hope in that game

  • Ichigo-VastoLorde

    Sweet. But I really really really need some Bleach stand alone game for PS4! Except J-Stars i saw what they did to Ichigo and Aizen … Hell NO!

  • abdoulhay ceesay

    Lol they know the anime is coming back😁

  • Darkchief117

    Still waiting for another Bleach game on the home consoles….

  • Shihori Hara

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    • Jesse Johnson


  • Jesse Johnson

    I think it’s a fun game to play on the go and should definitely make a game for the console. However It’s pretty annoying that the characters still speak Japanese even if you choose English. I want to know what they say, not just be able to read the text. Other than that, I have noticed that as time goes on, the characters that are added are being made with better detail and, over all, being made to look and feel closer to the real anime/manga. A real help would be to go back and update older character appearances, maybe even tweak some skills a bit too. But hey, I’m loving the game. I just got Ichigo after he learned the Final Getsuga Tenshou and I am more than impressed with the his strength, speed, and abilities.