Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle V-Jump Four Scan Special Shows Off Tenkaichi Budokai and More


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  • DI

    idk why is time patrol trunks treated in these games as a separate characters instead of as a costume if he the same as future trunks

    • Jordan Maurice

      Even though he is future trunks he is a more developed version of the original future trunks

      • DI

        in theory but the moves are the same the only difference is the clothes

        • Jordan Maurice

          I dont think so I think they will have them play differently or they are thecsame charscter but that build had him seperate

          • DI

            I hope they do cause if not thats gonna be a waste of slot

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Slots are all in your head. They plan these characters when they’re written on paper.

              They don’t develop and think of characters at the same time. Developers have to make a proposal to the publisher and then it gets funded by them.

              Slots are the design developers put characters in. So the better way to say it would be it’s a “waste” of resources that could be used for another character.

              • DI

                is all the same a waste is a waste

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    The real Hercule tho….

  • Enzevil

    ShonenGameZ, thanks for also tweeting your latest news articles. I use my twitter alot to follow important websites so that I see all the good news in one list. In the past, you guys often tweeted your news. But now you guys have improved a lot and also with this. I had to give you guys a big compliment for this; so here you go!

    On topic: really hyped for Xenoverse. Release date is really getting close now!
    Edit: I know this isn’t about Xenoverse, but the in the end they told about the bonus costume for Xenoverse and that made me remind the release date is really close!