Latest Eyes of Heaven Scan Reveals Additional Information on “Phantom Blood” Characters, More To Be Revealed Soon


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  • Hagaren

    Nice, can’t wait to play as Speedwagon!
    A few characters I hope make it in:
    Abbachio and Trish from Part V (to complete the Gangstar crew)
    F.F. and Weather Report from Part VI
    Mountain Tim and Wekapipo from Part VII (currently reading that)

    • alex smith

      hope we get to play as santana too he was awesome and i really enjoyed his showtime

      • Hagaren

        The more characters the better!

    • Abacchio wouldnt be in sadly :(!
      Trish is a maybe but she is pushed down due to the fact she is a disliked character from fans.

      F.F and Weather are wanted characters from ASB and I believe we will see at least one or if not both!

      I want Wekapipo (aka Wake up People) over Mountain Tim (you know who I am 😉 ) and the most wanted SBR character is Wekapipo due to a lot of attacks he could perform and his background with Gyro etc.


      • Hagaren

        I’m currently reading Steel Ball Run (on chapter 56 right now) and there are some really cool characters in here. Abbachio’s Stand isn’t good for fighting but they could probably make him through a few ORA’s here and there. I never knew Trish isn’t liked, I’ve got nothing against her.
        Do you think Risotto Nero could make it? I remember that guy being really cool but his Stand would be a bit tricky to make for the game.

        • In terms of characters from Part 5 Risotto being the Assassin Team leader is a fan favorite but the most wanted and loved character from fans is always Prosciutto! I would love to see both to be brutally honest!!

          Abacchios Moody Blues is sadly not fighter nor support material sadly so we would only see him like we did in ASB (via voice only, with his famous “How about you take a seat and we talk over a drink?” when he pours the tea on first meeting Giorno).

          I`m pretty sure they will fill the next couple of characters with characters we know that would be in, including some main protagonists and antagonists before we get news on a new character.

          Pretty sure Weather Report will be in though.

          I need to put this focus into my YouTube videos!!!

  • AzIz

    nice stage !

  • DI

    Any naruto or xenoverse scan today?

    • TheGameTagerZ

      No naruto. Xenoverse isn’t new but we’re getting it done anyway.

  • micheal johnson

    aparently now ign is using SG, this site is growing

  • Arz

    Please, please let this game run on solid 60fps on the PS4.

    • When I played the JF demo it didn`t seem to run at 60 (the demo was PS4 only). Just have to wait for the demo when it comes to consoles soon!

  • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

    Cool! Speedwagon! I was hoping they’s add Bruford to the list but oh well.