Mira Will Make An Appearance In Dragon Ball Heroes

In Arcade

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  • PockieNinjaRock

    oO cool

  • Awesome. The more stuff from Xenoverse they get into Heroes. The More stuff from Heroes get into Xenoverse.

    • Plot twist: Mira was originally created for Heroes.

      • Dick Grayson

        Plot twist: Mira & Towa we’re originally created for Dragonball Online

        • Anime Nation

          they were created for dragon ball online

    • Jordan Maurice

      More like dragon ball online as that is where towa and mira originated

  • AzIz

    his Ultimate in Xenoverse in probably the Spirit Bomb as well , nice

    • Spirit Bomb vs Spirit Bomb….who will win?

      • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

        or what if you add cell into the mix and its triple spirit bomb battle or if king kai gets in heroes it can be 4 way spirit bomb

        • DeathPointZ

          Too many Spirit Bombs!

        • Bdock3601

          Might as well put krillin in there with a helping hand spirit bomb

    • Trizmegiztuz Uchiha

      Doubt it….

      • AzIz

        he can use it it DBO too , it’s his biggest move , why not ?

  • micheal johnson

    Isn’t that Mira? Edit: never mind found his name, sorry

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Had a slow moment thanks.

      • DeathPointZ


  • DI

    I saw this a couple of days ago and I thought this was a preview of god mission

  • King Ezek

    mira is the coolest looking non-canon character not created by toriyama imo

    • son goku

      He is crated by toriyama and he is cannon dragon ball online

    • Jordan Maurice

      Towa and Mira are canon

    • Suzaku

      Towa and Mira and pretty much all the other characters from Dragon Ball Online actually were created by Toriayama. He even elaborated on the Makai Realm in one of the more recent Dragon Ball guidebooks to help explain their backstory.

      • King Ezek

        oh ok i didnt know tht that makes sense. kinda sucks how no one can make something cool dbz related other than toriayama

  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    why does your facebook page and the url say towa instead of mira

    • TheGameTagerZ


      • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver
      • Xicor

        will there be any new xenoverse info tomorrow for the weekly

  • Bdock3601

    That girl in the corner….oh god

    • I met her at Jump Festa last year! She seemed to into her job lol.

      • Bdock3601

        I like when people are like that but it’s so cheesy lol