Dragon Ball: Xenoverse’s Fourth Trailer Features Both Heroes and Villains In Action


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  • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

    dark saibamen……

  • Yoh Asakura

    Kinda wished they made SSJ4 Gogeta’s aura glittery like in the show or BT3 and not use the generic electrical effects but o well….

  • DI

    I hate how they made this trailer so long and yet only showed like 3 or 4 things we havent seen before

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    All I see is unpositive comments so far for the greatest DBZ Game of all time. Shame on you guys 😑

    • PockieNinjaRock

      Indeed my friend

    • micheal johnson

      well them taking moves, costumes, and characters out of the game to resell doesn’t make anyone more enthusiastic. plus with the small roster, quesionable famitsu review, and general lack of knowlege of the games story you cant blame people for shedding their hype and trying to look at the game for what it is, regardless if that is good or bad. it looks great but it isn’t as great as i initially hoped it would be, so im waiting to form an opinion about the full game.

      • older manga reader

        assumptions…as i used to intern at r*games data mining shows incomplete data..ur assuming the took stuff out to sell…the roster size isnt the prob its the actual people on the roster thats kinda sucky,but i understand your point…still as someone in his 30’s ive learned not to hype games and more or less enjoy them for what they r..kids and tweens these days complain about anything

        • micheal johnson

          This games system allows every character to execute the same moves, so if Goku can do the spirit bomb why can’t the created character? It wouldn’t take much effort the hardest part would be making the attack (this goes for the others as well). And Sergio found those DB costumes from the network test, and there is a version for every size character, all that was missing is the color palates. I agree that the roster by itself is fine, but compared to others it is smaller and that doesn’t make things better, especially with a character like Jaco. I understand your point about the characters not being done, but again this is a template system their attacks would already be done (they were also found months ago) as well as their combos, the stage menu and data suggests gt was planned from the start to appear. I’m not whining and I’ll judge it when I play it but, try to understand some of us have more limited funds (I’m in college) and that makes this kind of dlc upsetting, especially if you like the content in it

    • Buru

      Can’t tell that yet

  • PockieNinjaRock

    AMAZING ! loved it

  • K’

    The zanzoken ssj4 goku did is badass, best trailer yet. The attention to detail is amazing


    • AzIz


  • kUSHSmoKer21

    Can’t wait to try out SS4 Goku!

  • Anime Nation


  • Skorm94

    Does anybody know if android 16 is playable think I missed some scans here and there

    • micheal johnson

      I doubt it I haven’t seen a trace of him in this game, maybe not even his costume.

  • Joseph_Joestar123

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the and, the narrator says ‘Saikyou wa dareda’ and then showing a clip of Mr. Satan.

  • Alex

    I was told by a twitter account by the name of WeeklySaiyan that there will be a livestream sometime today. I haven’t seen any news about it, so i was wondering if you guys knew about it.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Yeah it’s true but might not be an interesting one since it’s mostly about creating your character.

      • Alex

        oh ok, thanks for confirming ^-^