ShonenGameZ: Dragon Ball: Xenoverse Interview and New Gameplay Video


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  • KyyDragon


  • KyyDragon

    I sorta kinda think he goofed up the last two questions……

    • FrenzyBurn


  • KyyDragon

    So Goku is Ginyu………………………………………

    • Anime Nation

      i think its a costume but i hope ginyu can body switch with anyone because then i would use that attack

      • KyyDragon

        YEAAAAHH Tha’ts what I’m hoping for. Like switch bodies with a custom char and you’d actually be able to use the attacks that were set for them. xD That’d be so kool.

        • Kaineph

          If the attack was faithful to the series, you should get the stats and health with the body you get, but not the supers and ultimates since Gyniu didn’t know how to use the skills of Goku

          • KyyDragon

            Well I guess that’s true. Stats and stuff would be nice too xD

  • AzIz

    Dat Majin haha

  • AzIz

    WTF they still avoiding the questions about characters roster and act like it’s really big with ton of surprises

    • Xicor

      they said they won’t reveal about the characters til the release

    • farts

      lol one more day till it releases in japan really you are still going to have suprises?

  • Something tells me that this interview just shouldn’t have happened. Or get published. All the answers were just “Can’t confirm nor deny that”. It can’t an interview if the interviewer wasn’t leading.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      You should also tell that to the countless other websites that do this too. We’re not the first.

      • Then, you’re in the wrong for setting this bad example in journalism. If you didn’t get the answers you were seeking, you could have just sum up the entire review with your honesty on the lack of data.

        • TheGameTagerZ


    • KyyDragon

      It’s not really their fault. NB just doesn’t want to tell us anything. I don’t see why they even allow them to happen actually. They might as well have just said “Wait for the game to release and then find out for yourselves”….

  • Skorm94

    first sentence of the interview hear should be here (don’t mean to be a d*** just pointing it out)

  • micheal johnson

    thank you guys for all the interviews

  • Elijah Boyd

    you can play as goku in ginyu body thats mad hype

  • As usual… didn’t learn a damn thing from an interview. He might actually have all the answers, but that would be bad salesmanship on his part if he gave away everything. Just wait I guess.

  • Rich Homie Kwon

    Griffin: Will Xenoverse run on the PS4 and Xbox One at 60 Frames per Second?

    Brandon: I can’t confirm or deny that right now.

    He meant to say “60fps on PS4 and 30fps on Xbox One”

    • Bdock3601

      I see what you did there

  • Mr.Uchiaa

    Thank you for the PC question mate!

  • Goku’s Brother From Dif Mother

    The last two questions though….

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Generic way to end any interview.

      • Gray Aria

        More like amateur way to end an interview. The generic way is to ask if the interviewee has a final message to the fans. Also, instead of asking questions that the interviewee obviously won’t be able to answer, try getting creative and come up with better questions to ask that delve into the mindset of developing such games.

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Oh, we have a funny one. Don’t like it the door is to your left honestly.

          Getting creative heh. Namco PR can really only answer what they’re told to answer. Unless you wanted to get some “I’m not a developer” answers. Everyone swears they can do something better until it’s time for them to step up.

          You know, not everyone is up to date on what system a game is for. I had several people ask me what systems is J-Stars+ and One Piece on. More than half of the other interviewers on game websites who do this for a living do a terrible job and ask dumb/already answered questions.

          I realized when doing an interview, even if you asked the right questions that didn’t get good answers to there will always be that one guy that goes “this interview sucks” “If I was there I would of asked this”. We lose either way.

          • Bdock3601

            Somebody critiques you, “Don’t like it the door is to your left honestly.” that’s not the most professional way to go about that. Hey, most of your response (though I lean more towards agreeing with him) was we’ll reasoned but I guess you just couldn’t leave that snarky attitude out.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              Incorrect. You got some advice that’s constructive feel free to bring it up. But if it’s “add insult here” followed by some empty non constructive comments then don’t expect me to bend over and reply nicely.

              I guess he couldn’t leave his snarky attitude out either.

              • Bdock3601

                Well I for one hold you at a higher standard than “random Internet guy”

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  You’re a regular here. I’m usually calm even when some people here can get nasty..but there’s a limit.

                  Other websites usually avoid this by not interacting with their readers, but I don’t like doing that.

                  • Gray Aria

                    Seriously, the only thing even remotely close to an insult I said was amateur. How is that nasty and how is this beyond that limit?

                    • TheGameTagerZ

                      Not you specifically.

                      You should see the stuff people comment on here sometimes. It’s hard not to be blunt. I took what you said earlier a little too hard. Things on text sound more harsh that it should usually.

                    • Gray Aria

                      I know what you mean. There have been countless times when I got into unnecessary arguments with past girlfriends because they interpreted my texts as harsh. lol

          • Gray Aria

            Can’t take constructive criticism? It’s true my point about asking questions only developers could answer when the interviewee is just PR wasn’t fair. But as someone who actually has done better (not on camera though) and also seen many others do better, I stand by the other things I said. And release dates and platforms could always just be reiterated at the end of the article and the description of the video instead of asked as an interview question. That way you don’t waste a question on known information and you still get to inform those who don’t know at the same time. It’s something that many other sites do.

            It’s not such a big deal that I would stop reading this site. I’m a relatively new reader of the site and so far, I like what I see. A lot more than Saiyan Island. Plus, from what I hear, it was founded by some of my old buddies from DBX/DBZCC so all the more reason I would like to see you folks do well and succeed. Whatever my first comment might have sounded like, I have no ill will or hard feelings towards you and I won’t take the “door to my left” just because of a less than satisfactory interview.

            • TheGameTagerZ

              You can’t “waste” a question when they’ll literally sit there until you finish everything. I could of passed them 10 more questions if I had them. They don’t tell you okay out of your 20 questions you can only ask 8.

              Wait you’re from DBX? I’m from DBX/DBZCC too haha. What was your name I probably know you.

              I apologize for the rudeness earlier. I get a lot of SaiyanIsland people coming here weekly spewing their toxic comments here (not all of them are like that though).

              Interview could of went better but we were trying to focus on the fan questions that normal interviewers wont ask. Next time we should focus on not only that but for them to expand more on the stuff that was announced to maybe get more insight and things like that. It’s hard getting good answers out of PR.

              • Gray Aria

                Oh, I see. I’m used to reading interviews with actual developers instead of PR and from completely different companies. Particularly Square Enix and there is always a limit to how much time they will give you or how many questions they will answer.

                On DBX/DBZCC I was Juggernaut6. I used that name pretty much everywhere, but over the years I have gone through some changes and to reflect my new mindset, I call myself Gray Aria wherever I can. There’s a long explanation for the meaning behind the name that I’ll save for another time. I really did miss you guys. For a while I had no idea how to find most of you but then I remembered Vishkugeta has a MAL so I tried contacting him on it to see if you guys relocated.

                I’ll also apologize for calling you an amateur. I know it’s not as easy as it looks and I’m actually impressed and jealous that you even get to go to these events and meet these people and ask questions. I’ve only interviewed someone through email and it wasn’t even for an official publication.

                My main gripe with Saiyan Island is they seem heavily biased toward Naruto. So much so that they completely neglect to report on certain news and trailers of other games such as One Piece Super Grand Battle X for example. It might as well have been renamed Ninja Island. Also their form of journalism can be too opinionated sometimes when it’s really unnecessary. While journalism shouldn’t be devoid of opinions, there is a limit to how overbearing they should be, especially when they are letting their biases bleed through all their stories.

                • TheGameTagerZ

                  Sasuke222 was me haha Kaitou/DBB is still here he actually writes and typesets most of the scans here. Usually Namco gives you 30 minutes to talk to a developer but you can always book in more time slots they’re flexible.

                  After DBX shut down it was like I lost contact with everyone. That might as well been my homepage I visit it so much.

                  Haha thanks we never thought we would be here. We started off writing for SaiyanIsland but that came with its problems.

                  The thing with their site it’s Naruto central since it gets them the most traffic and ad revenue and One Piece and DBZ are like “I need an article today” posts. They could care less if they stopped making those games as long as Naruto is around.

                  • Gray Aria

                    Sasuke I figured that was you. Especially since I recognized your real name on the article. I can tell you guys have a good site here. I’ll join the forums once I get some more extra time.