ShonenGameZ: J-Stars Victory VS. + Interview (Menus & Character Roster Revealed)


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  • jack

    Jotaro or riot.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      N64 or no buy.

      • DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wait so the characters showen in the vid is gonig to be in ??? I realy want to know

        • TheGameTagerZ

          Yes…did you read the interview or only watched the video?

          Everyone shown will be in.

          • DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            I read and watched the video I did both things i didn’t get the japanese version it pained me since it’s realy hard here…but to know that nube is in ? I didn’t see that coming also i think jotaro might be in but dio ? nah I don’t think he will be in I think they don’t want to ruin dio’s power since we still don’t know dio’s power in the new anime [of course i know his powers but people new to the anime don’t] also I was realy hoping for yugi the most….It would be the best day if yugi were in also i wish if Dai joins in we need more dragon quest lol also thanks for all the hard work on those J-stars , One piece and JJBA Eyes of heaven news thanks shonengamez!!

    • DonquixoteDonnyG

      I want Jotaro Yoh and Dio so bad!!!

    • Nah, JoJo’s already has representation. Give me Yugi and more stages. This game severely needs more stages

  • Hagaren

    Ok, well, glad to see they aren’t removing characters!
    However, if no new characters are added, I’m probably going to skip it. The japanese version is perfectly playable, and I don’t care about the new arcade mode (which is technically in the original too, Mission Mode is basically a small arcade run. with missions.)

    • Gilson Ríspoli

      if they fix Gon “super”, it’s rebuyable 😀

      • According to someone I know that tested the game. It’s been fixed.

        • Gilson Ríspoli

          Money flying away confirmed!!! XD

        • Bdock3601

          What was wrong with it

          • After Gon knocks you into the air at the start of his Ultimate Attack players could tech out of it in the air, rather than getting the full brunt of the attack.

            • Bdock3601

              Oh wow, dumb….better be fixed

    • chris

      Lol then you surely haven’t met the people like me who are able to do “infinite combos” IE: Ichigo/killua/toriko etc…ruins the fun when u just sit there and die they need to add an evasion move to get outta combos but not able to be spammed

      • Hagaren

        I know what you mean. An evasion/dodge would be nice but from the gameplay I’ve seen there doesn’t seem to be anything new unfortunately…

        • chris

          I would LOVE to see team combos like naruto sasukes rasendori/chidorigan or toriko/zebra speed of sound nail punch and stuff cause it would increase fanservice and make people wanna play as relatable characters vs the aizen/vegeta combos…we all seen it

      • Omar Eduardo Luna Villa

        you dont get the game, sure you can get into some of them but there the support to help u in those situations and every charas has his goods and bads you just need to practice because i can asure you that those thing will not change or at least not all and there is a dodge move u just need to use it more

        • chris

          I bet I would beat you lol but for real ichigo cant be stopped for infinite combos unless your that scrub who uses vegeta supp

          • Omar Eduardo Luna Villa

            fine, if you are so sure then set a date, but be aware i dont like fighting with scrubs who cant take defeat and then are crying later and bad mouthing for his loss, so if you are like that, i wont play with you i play with respectable players not kids and by the way i dont use vegeta but if you are so scared i might use by your standars a easy character I’ll use random i know almost all the characters

  • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

    It sucks that the ps3 and psvita versions are only digital.

    • Griffin

      The PS3 version is both physical and digital, the Vita version is digital, that’s at least what he told me in the interview.

      • Evil-BoredomXIII-2

        ok thanks

      • At least we can’t write off new characters just yet.

      • DEATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Are you sure that there is a ps3 digital version ??? I live in a country who you can’t get any of this games nor you can order it since all the online stores doesn’t get it to here so if its really digital then I’m saved!

      • JonathanisPrimus

        It sucks that the Vita version is digital-only. Would’ve been nice if they did another partnership with Gamestop for a limited run.

    • The PS3 version will be physical, but it still sucks that the Vita version is digital only.
      Hopefully, Europe gets a physical Vita version or I can afford a bigger memory card for my Vita

  • Kiera

    Thanks for the Interview, looking forward o this Game, love my Ps4 Version 🙂

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    He said it’s good for the authentic Japanese dub, and the English will be nice too. Is he meaning subtitles, or is it dubbed? His wording confused me.

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Subs there’s no dub.

      • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

        Ah… New it. Just the way he said it coinfused me.

    • Gilson Ríspoli


  • Yoh Asakura

    Shaman King or Riot.

  • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

    Why are some of the titles in Japanese and some in English? Like JoJos Bizarre Adventure, then Pyu to Fuku no jaguar!?

    • Jamele Lawrence

      Thats what its called..Pyu to Fuku no Jaguar..there’s no western name for the titled manga.

      • It’s called ‘Blow the Flute Jaguar’ in English or something like that. But in the west people know it best for Pyu to Fuku Jaguar, which is why it stayed the same I guess.

      • Tatsumi Oga & Baby Beel

        That’s just an example. There are others like that.

  • Haru Onodera

    Great all character is here:)

    • Bdock3601

      Yeah, would have sucked if cuts were done

  • TaliNESS

    I’m fine with the final roaster being the same, I’m already enjoying the hell out of the Vita version.

    Playing this on Ps4 is already a god send

  • Random Name

    While I’m glad the entire cast is returning, I’m hoping to see some new characters in Vs +. Thanks shonengamez for the great interview!

  • Shonen Jump

    so we might get new characters?

    • Maybe. Doesn’t know the specifics on the roster. The roster still isn’t finalized as they put it. So I guess this was to show “These ones are still in the game so don’t worry about it.” thing.

    • Sh☯nenJump L☯ver

      maybe but probably not……..

  • Kunmi Oriyomi

    Good 2 know; all d characters are there. However the biggest and most important step for them; is to increase there character roaster. If they do, d game will sell greatly

  • Christopher Kelly

    I hope they fix the local Multiplayer split-screen.

  • Guardian Byakko

    This interview after reading it, gives me a glimmer of hope for digimon cyber sleuth’s localization, but only a little bit. It would be nice if j stars victory vs + gets dlc, or a few additional characters by default.

  • Omar Eduardo Luna Villa

    my question is if they will fix the sasuke shuriken spam i can deal with the combos but that thing is so dirty, and i wonder if they change so that certain moves cant work now, another thing have they fixed kokoro sensei from assasination class i wanted to main him since sadly neuro my fav chara is support but i mean his atacks are weak and too slow his only good moves are the special missile and speed run and thats why nobody use him, my final two questions are can yusuke do his ultimate when he transforms into demon because in the actual game he can´t, and the saiki rocks are still untochable… i mean its easy to deal with him with beams but the charas that dont ,usually have a bad time and that take a lot of pain from those things

  • PEIXE DO PRAZER (PleasureFish)

    Ha! suck it people! I told ya no characters were getting cut. but EVERYBODY was losing their sh*t over it!

  • Don DGDCrimsonOne

    What they should have added for J-Stars+ is colour customize characters.^_^

    • And alternate costumes.
      Vegeta in his Buu saga outfit
      Naruto in Sage Robes
      Yusuke in his school outfit

      • Don DGDCrimsonOne

        Also Medaka new outfit with zip on shirt
        Hiei in long black cloak
        Y.Toguro in long coat
        Ichigo in final Tensa Zangetsu
        Boa hancock different outfit.

  • DarkDragonMasta

    Man after playing the 2 on the ds makes me sad allen walker was made support and the guy from shaman king may not even be in it and if so support

  • PS Vita digitally, but PS4 will have a retail version?
    Also, something I’m wondering. The Japanese versions allowed you to share your progress and unlocked trophies between the PS3 and Vita versions. Will the trophies be shared across all three systems, or just PS3/Vita like the Japanese version?
    Will save data be compatible between the Japanese and international versions of the game? Like, would I be able to import my save file from my Japanese PS3 copy into my English PS4 copy? I only ask because of the custom soundtrack option in the Japanese version. There is currently no way to put MP3 songs on a PS4, so how would the custom soundtrack feature work if you can’t import any music? From USB devices, maybe?

  • Kogure Yuuya

    While this is mostly a relief, it’s also kinda a bummer.
    I was hoping the characters no one gives a crap about, like Taro or Lala or… actually just them two, would get cut.

  • Omar Eduardo Luna Villa

    hey admins… one question if you made another interview is if they would add more stages i mean i know that doing those are not easy but at least they could made some stages of some other charas

  • roronoa zoro

    Why couldn’t itachi uchiha be in he’s is a huge fan favorite and so is roronoa zoro

  • roronoa zoro

    I really wanted zoro in

  • Nathan

    I hope that that there is like a disesion if you want the characters voices in English or Japanese

  • Nathan

    And I also hope they add for girls, Also goku should have his own story mode

  • Nathan

    Add fairly tail,and mystic Gohan

    • TheGameTagerZ

      Fairy Tail isn’t Weekly Shonen Jump….

  • Chuck Smith

    How big is the roster will be getting DLC

  • Shubadwow

    It would be awesome if they updated this version so the support characters where playable aswell